1. R

    iiinvestments.com is a complete scam

    This is a scam company. I invested 24K EUR and they lost almost all in one Single trade, blaming it on BTCUSD volatility. reviewing back charts on that particular pair at same date the volatility was less than normal and impossible for such company that has been trading for 3 years would loose...
  2. F

    iiinvestments scam

    I was cheated by iiinvestments.com and lost almost 3000 euro overnight. As indicated at Forexguards.com, this scam was filed at Forexpeacearmy trader's court. But I can not find it at Forexpeacearmy trader's court. Could you let me know how to follow it and how to fight against iiinvestments.com?
  3. Perfecto

    I2 Investments iiinvestments.com ii investments

    ALERT : I and many others have been scammed by I2 Investments ( iiinvestments.com ) which has send email notification and also a notice on their website www.iiinvestments.com of discontinuation of their trading services on 31-Sep-17 I invested a total of EUR 10,0000 with I2 Invetsments (EUR...
  4. T

    I2 Investments

    On the 9th of March of this year I deposited 10,000 euros into this I2 Investments after seeing the advertised returns and also positive feedback on forum sites including this one. The account grow to almost 18,000 euros in the space of almost 6 months, On the 1st of September I log on to check...
  5. G


    Good morning at all, this morning I2investments have closed and i have losed all my money, 35k, i would to be help from comunità and your staff to understand whats can happened....i m devasteted..
  6. V

    IIInvestments.com is a SCAM!

    Gentlemen, Please be informed that company IIInvestments.com is a SCAM! Today, they lost all my funds by one order. The amount of lose is EUR-7,971.53 I would be grateful, if you could provide any assistance in my funds returning. Yours sincerely, Viktor.
  7. W

    ii investments aka i2 investments

    This is spring off of https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/broker-dealer-compliance.48778/ where the link talks about the "regulator" i2 investment uses. And this thread talks about i2 investment itself i2 investment portal at https://iiinvestments.com I have managed to opened a...