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    IKON Group announcement regarding Black Thursday

    As a result of the surprise announcement, on Thursday the 15th January, by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to eliminate its three-year-old cap on the franc (CHF), the global financial markets went into turmoil and some of our Competitors went into insolvency and others suffered substantial losses...
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    IKON Group ( IKONFX ) Awarded Best Institutional FX Platform at the 7th Saudi Money Expo 2014

    IKON Group, the world’s leading Forex & Currencies Trading Broker, was presented with the "Best Institutional FX platform 2014" Award at the 7th Saudi Money Expo 2014 that took place on 14th & 15th November 2014. IKON Group was named “Best Institutional FX Platform” for the following...
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    IKONFX Held Seminar in Collaboration with the Oman Chamber of Commerce – Naser Taher proclaimed on t

    IKONFX " that is known as IKON Group ' held a seminar on Investment opportunities in Metals and Oil Commodities in collaboration with the Oman Chamber of Commerce. Presiding over the event was Chairman for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Abdullah Salem Al-Rawas. Naser Taher, CEO...