1. H

    InvestTechFX: Yet another person with a withdrawal problem

    I placed a withdrawal request with InvestTechFX two weeks ago, and, in spite of several email and telephone communications, have not received the funds. Some background: --My request is for $1000, my initial deposit amount. The current balance is well in excess of that now. --The account...
  2. P

    Investtechfx - interesting business model

    *** After 3 long weeks of discussions, we finally found an amicable solution for both sides ***
  3. L

    InvestTechFx withrawal problem again

    Hello everybody. I have problem with withdrawals as well. They haven't been willing to pay since months already. I used EA on my accounts. They are in a group of Scalping/EA. I paid very much commissions to them till now. They found out now that I used unauthorized, unrecognizable or...
  4. P

    Investtechfx "Investigating" me

    After waiting for a withdrawal from Investtechfx for 2-1/2 weeks, now my account is now under review: My Response: Investtechfx, I've been waiting for a $500 withdrawal from them submitted Nov 19th. I guess that because I've been making money, now I'm being investigated. If this...
  5. Laszlo Dobiasz

    InvesttechFX withdrawal problem

    I'm affraid that investtechFX is a scam. I opned my account one year ago. First time I withdraw money in January. It took 5 weeks to get my money back then. Now I have a nice profit, and want to withdraw again. I send my first withdrawal request to them by email at 2010. aug. 02. They...
  6. H

    INVESTTECHFX is a scam brokerage

    INVESTTECHFX is a scam brokerage I had a account with them and invested nearly $3500 the brokerage company squared off all my positions overnight I had raised a dispute the company agreed to reimburse me 50 % of the loss and that I would be able to take out my 50% after 1 yr I was shocked...
  7. S

    InvesttechFX Broker sold my open trades

    Hello all, I need a advise from the experts. I had 2 trade possitions open when the broker closed both of them without my knowledge. At that time I had over 2200.00 USD in my account, and free margin 1914.00 USD,. Is this a proper margin call? Also attached the actual screen after closing the 2...
  8. B


    Investtechfx charged commissions on each trade when they should not because I was trading without an EA of any sort. They did not provide good service. They tried to force me to trade in larger lots, thus putting more at risk and increasing the chance of failure. I never saw the 1 pip spread...
  9. S

    Withdrawal problem InvesttechFX

    Problem getting money from Forex broker. Hello all, I would like a help/advise regarding my problem with a forex broker. Here is my situation in brief. In june 2009 I have opened a real mini account with 300 USD, since i'm new i was doing mainly mini, micro trading. About 3 weeks ago I...