jenny rosa

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    Jenny_bitcoin_trade BIG SCAM!!

    I was scammed by an account called "Jenny Bitcoin trade" on Instagram. They stole $ 2,600 USD from me. I believe it is a group that operates behind this account. It is not the first time that they have been reported and they are very dangerous and unscrupulous people. They claim to be bitcoin...
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    JENNY ROSA TRADER!!! This is a big SCAM!!! Stay away from her!! She has stolen a lot of money via bitcoin from many people!! Big Fraud!!! And a dangerous person!! Report her Everywhere!!! She has stolen money from people who believed her! Big Scam!!!
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    Problem Cryptotraderoptions

    Came across this company via Instagram Jenny Binary Trade FX trader is Jenny Rosa. I initially invested 1k with her/company and 1 week later was asked to provide another 5k, which I did for account to be upgraded before my return of investment. I was then told that my trade was held up in...