1. Vlady

    Alkonost Trading Journal

    After not being able to open a trading journal thread on forexfactory, I found this awesome site. This is just my personal accountability system. I hope that by writing every trade before I make it - it will slow m down a bit from jumping from trade to trade. So here we go... My trading...
  2. Profesor Pips

    My journal - Greg Pawlak

    Hi all, in this year, I decided to show my portfolio results, new strategies, recalculated money management, so I think there is good time I am using EA’s and statistical advantage in trading, so portfolio has been created from 9 automatic strategies, 6 x EUR/USD, 2 x GBP/JPY and 1 x GBP/USD...
  3. _tkfx_

    My Personal Trading Journal through Youtube

    Ive been posting on a daily basis my trades taken through each trading session. Here is a preview
  4. WaveRider

    WaveRider Trade Journal

    Journaling keeps you honest with yourself. My old journal was a lot of noise so I'm abandoning it. I trade a lot differently than I did 10 years ago when I joined FPA. I'll be posting my trade set ups and wins and losses. Was busy for a bit but I should be able to post regularly. Don't give up...
  5. Thoris journal. Is making a living with CFD trading a SCAM or a CHANCE?

    Hey everybody. My name is Thoris and I'm an alcoholic trader. For years I've been interested in trading as a hobby. I have a well-paying job, I have a big house, a family, friends, etc. Yet, as Chris Corner was singing.. something isn't sitting right, something wakes me up at night.. the...
  6. MoneyManager

    Regular Posts. Journal of our automated scalping "Safe system #1"

    Hey everyone. Introducing our trading system, fully launched on 02.12.2019 It's quite early to tell, but the start is very good. The strategy doesn't use martingale, averaging, locking or any type of dangerous methods. Stop Loss is always used. We will post here regulary, but you can also...
  7. EnhancerSignals-PR

    Supply and Demand trading report by EnhancerSignals

    Result Commentary GBPAUD - closed 10 September 2016 An excellent trade that produced more than a 4:1 reward ratio, despite lacking entry precision. The market managed to reach deep into the level (possibly due to the minor last-moment supply speed-bump that was created just above our level...
  8. FuLuShou

    Trading with Dukascopy and learning a foundation

    Hi everyone, I started this journal as a tool to understand and apply correctly the theory I'm learning. I will post the trades I do with Dukas JForex platform and the analysis of each pair before the opening and after the closing enumerating the lessons learned, if any. For my trades I will...