knight capital markets

  1. F

    Fortress Fund and Knight Capital ARE SCAM AND I HAVE PROOF

    Its definitely a SCAM and I'm one of the victims. Unfortunately I signed up, though luckily with minimum $3000 account in October 2015, before I reviewed the scam forum here. From account balance last night of $3989 and floating profit of $7000 with total equity of $10000+ they patiently waited...
  2. OctaFX

    Knight Capital Markets - trademark infringement

    I on behalf of OctaFX would like to inform traders and administrators of that the close study of Knight Capital Markets web-site has revealed that their web-site design in general as well as separate details are plagiarized from OctaFX web-site. We warn you against using the...
  3. P

    Don't invest in “Lion Fund”

    This is another scam by Fortress Fx Fund and Knight Capital Markets , don’t invest money, it’s just a new name with same old strategy. Their advert shows “Managed Fx Fund +4600% - "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
  4. D

    Lion Fund and Knight Capital Market Scam

    Hi all, Please, please spread the words to the entire forex and financial world that this is a definate scam. I was scammed by this Lion Fund and Knight Capital Markets Ltd recently. I went through the same experience as Simon Selvam in this forum. I funded my account in March 2016 with...
  5. C


    I received an email from Lionfxfund showing excellent trading results. It said they were proven, so I followed the links and sure enough everything seemed fine. I am a trader myself but had never achieved such results. I invested GBP 30,000 of my own money into the Lionfxfund, using Knight...
  6. E

    LionFund - Anyone heard of them?

    Hi all, Anyone heard of LionFund? From their trade record, the results look amazing. Their trade record shows 5000% (yes, 5 thousand percent) in just about 2 years of trading. The things that look...