liberty reserve

  1. T

    Problem InstaForex Steals, Scam, Fraud

    On thursday they released a press statement at the link below Cooperation with Liberty Reserve terminated Here is the message on the link: ====================================== Dear customers, We have to inform you that cooperation with Liberty Reserve has been terminated as the...
  2. Master Yoda

    Problem Liberty Reserve is off!

    Liberty Reserve shutdown causes users to lose cash; we want to hear your stories | VentureBeat All LR depositors- beware your money might be in risk.
  3. gembuz

    Is LibertyReserve A Scam Company For Sure ??? Beware

    This story is about my client: I make this thread because, my client got a disaster in using Liberty Reserve. This is the chronological: 1. My client wanted to withdraw his money from a broker via LR 2. Then he made an account two days ago. 3. He had made the Liberty Reserve...