1. A

    Liteforex Account 5039211 suddenly disappear from portal! Where are my money???

    Hi, similarly to other users of this forum I deposited 1100€ on liteforex on my account 5039211. I did some trades and then i sent withdrawal request of some funds (not all acccount funds): 947€. I received this email: Dear Client, Please note that Money transfer can be deferred by the...
  2. G

    Resolved: Liteforex Account Removed 30072

    I deposited funds $100 liteforex account (30072) and after made profits when i requested withdraw. they return my withdrawal request to my account. While my account not showing in account list. When i talked support they said: Dear Client Your trading account is being checked by the trading...
  3. K

    Resolved: Liteforex Profits and Account Removed !

    I earned money around $1198 with FX pairs and due to high volatility GBP and EURO i made good money.when i 2nd day login my backoffice for withdraw some money . there my account not showing and they removed my profits as well. When i checked my email there i got notification my account blocked...
  4. Gayanlakshantha

    Resolved: liteforex SCAM 100%

    warning liteforex broker is big scam ... today i request withdrawal my profit. ( small amount 3800 $ ) next second liteforex team is deleted my all tradings accounts.
  5. B


    It has been more than 1 year since LiteFx froze and disabled my account when I requested to withdraw all my funds. I have already submitted all the required documents they asked from me. I’ve been diligently following up about the status of my account but they refuse to give me specific details...
  6. C

    Unsupported/Abandoned Liteforex Scam 8.5 million

    ... just heard about a possible 8.5 million scam of I will try to get further information about that and come back.
  7. Top Secret

    Liteforex Don`t pay my profit

    Hello my account is MT4-ecn-412235 Trade near month and make good profit. All trades haв 5 or 21 seconds. After month I ordered money for withdrawal. Сancelled all profit Get a message on email "nonmarket quote" without proof. 77638179 2018.03.20 11:30:00 sell 0.10 gbpusd 1.40475 0.00000...
  8. P

    My problems with Liteforex

    Hello I am a trader in Forex since 2011 and during this time i have worked with 22 to 23 brokers. when I was a beginner I was losting my money very much and I started to participate in courses and using viedo tutorals in internet. So long as you make losses in a broker you are a good client...
  9. D

    Liteforex is a big Scammer!! 680000 USD !!!

    The biggest scam in FOREX market! It is also the largest amount of money rejected to withdraw!, which claims to be a company supervised by Cyprus. We made the first deposit of 50000USD on 23rd March, and then we found that the transaction conditions were not good, so we...
  10. H

    Lite Forex India and Super Forex India is a big scam

    Lite Forex India and Super Forex India is a big scam and fraud operational setup run by 8 Indians. This setup is not officially owned or operated by Lite Forex Investments Limited, Marshall Islands. As we all know Forex Trading is strictly banned in India for Cross Currencies except traded and...
  11. C

    Be aware of LiteForex - can never withdraw deposited funds

    Dear Forex community, I hope that the community and this forum will provide me a better chance to see some of my deposited money back. I have deposited funds to LiteForex on 2016-10-19 for a total of 5000 EUR I have made some profit, and tried to withdraw the amount from 2017-08-21 onwards...
  12. S

    Liteforex Broker - SCAM

    I deposit 120k USD in Liteforex on 2017 and I start trading and when I place withdraw they said it will process in 1-3 business days but it not processed as said time and takes 10-12 days and Ill call the bangalore Liteforex office head name manish and fight for withdrawl and he say cancel...
  13. Scam Investigations Committee


    RESOLVED October 2017 Update: 2 of the 4 cases against LiteForex have been fully resolved. In the other 2 cases, the FPA has seen evidence that the funds have been returned to the accounts of the clients. All other terms of the FPA Scam Finding have been met. The FPA now considers all...
  14. Leron

    Spamvertisers for LiteForex

    I just looking for more lucky there. It's interesting place for making money, i like so much trade in forex.. I used forex as my part time job. I found a good broker and I should thanks to God, because I can gain almost consistently in forex. An innocent first post. Spam Cat didn't even...
  15. E


    LITEFOREX.COM FORCEFULLY STOP OUT MY ACCOUNT THROUGH PRICE SPREAD WIDENING Full Name: Kester Eneje Account No. 322461 {} Date/Time of occurrence: May 19th, 2017/ 9.55pm to 10.00pm Nigeria Time (GMT +1) Equity: $4763.21 My Claim: $4763.21 With reference to the above details...
  16. G

    LiteForex Scam

    Hello, I’m Luca Novello, old account MT4-F-122435 (now closed by them). LiteForex broker steals the money of the customers: when I ask for a withdrawal, LiteForex does not give money; LiteForex closes customer's account; LiteForex change the profits made by customers (see its Regulation...
  17. P

    Liteforex Scam

    I trade with liteforex but this guys have just proven to be nothing but scam.this brokers closed my positive hedged positions and caused my margin to go red. this caused me to loose my other positions one after the other because there was nothing i could do when the trend was against me. when i...
  18. T

    Liteforex disable account and cancel profit without explanation.

    i need your help. I have problems with LiteForex broker. I do trading at LiteForex. My profile has been verified. I had already been done many times withdrawal process. but on the 2nd of April, I did a withdrawal process. and LiteForex, without explanation canceled...
  19. L

    Stop trade with liteforex,they will remove your profit

    Stop trade with liteforex,they will remove your profit Stop trade with liteforex,I have accout MT4 -F-74262. very hard made $3000+ profit, when i very happy try withdrwal these profit, they remove my $2147 profit,they send me email said i break the 6.8, but below attachment images you can see...
  20. S

    Liteforex Scam - close my open trade without my consent and forfeit the profit

    My Name: Soo Tat account: 52340 Beware that Liteforex starting to join the SCAM BROKER FAMILY. They just close my open trade without my consent and forfeit the profit I gain from the trade they closed. My trade was open at server time 2011.08.22 14:09 buy eurusdx 1.44280. At the time...