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    SCAM MexExchange(AU) cancelled large amount of profits

    Hi all, I am posting about MexExchange(AU) here, I have another thread about MexGroup(BVI). I had accounts at both of these entities. It appears these firms are possibly operating as one entity while they are regulated by different jurisdictions, which in itself is very likely a violation of...
  2. AsstModerator

    An Open Letter to the CEO of MEXExchange

    Below is an open letter to the CEO of MEX Exchange. Before the letter, I'd like to explain to FPA readers how this situation developed. There are legal issues between the MEX group of companies and IkonGroup of companies. The FPA has evidence that became part of MEX and that at...
  3. C

    Scammed by MexGroup/Mex Europe

    Hi, I am an introducing broker and have been for over a year with Everything was going well until one day they inform me that they don't have the license or the regulations from FCA and we have to move our accounts to Mex Australia. This is when my nightmare started and I have been...