moga fx

  1. R

    Problem Didn´t receive my withdrawal from MogaFX

    Hello traders. I want to report you that I started trading with MogaFX last year, and now that I decided to withdrawal my funds from their account, they didn´t send me yet. It has been 10 days from this message since I requested this withdrawal, and I´m without a single answer from their side. I...
  2. R

    Resolved: Mogafx Broker scam Alert

    Mogafx is a scam forex broker house, running by a group of Taiwanese Scammer thru Facebook or other website to get customer to invest in their copy trade system. They pretend they are good broker. First time they will give you withdrawal very fast .. second time when they notice you want...
  3. cjq158

    moga can not withdraw

    Mogafx withdraws 800$ but does not arrive at the account, and promises to arrive at the account within 48 hours with the official website.