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  1. OnlineAddict

    From $1 to Million - Expert Advisor - Results I will try to keep updating this thread every week with the latest results. For more details please go to:
  2. CryptoPopo

    3 Things That Makes a Good Trader

    Trading Psychology (Most Important) Money Management ( Compensation of loss/profit) Strategy ( Least Important) Most new traders tend to focus more on Strategy and ignore the fact that strategy is the least important thing on their list. Please do develop your trading psychology since it is the...
  3. zebrafx

    Where to set a stop-loss?

    Setting a stop-loss (SL) is a crucial aspect of trading. Especially in the forex market, where wild swings in prices are an every day occurence, traders not using stop-losses potentially place their entire accounts at risk. Furthermore, the aspect of trading in which stop-losses fall under...
  4. borncorp

    Whats the deal with PAMM (Managed Forex) in the US?

    I read about some NFA regulations and stuff and makes me believe its prohibited in the US or at least hard to do. I was browsing thru the performance tests here and I was interested in BataviaFX Management, but they want me to open an account with IBX either Australia or US. Can anybody...