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    Searching Does anyone know the settings of this mt4/mt5 phone indicators?

    Hi all, I hope you guys are doing well. I was wondering if someone could help me get these indicators settings for mt4/mt5 mobile platforms. There is a guy selling the "system" for $100, R1500 in South Africa but I'm sure this is something we can get for free. I would really appreciate it if...
  2. J

    Who are the best MT4 white label providers?

    Can anybody tell me how much does it costs to become a forex broker? And who are the best mt4 white label providers
  3. A

    tp and automaticity in mt4!!

    i faced big problem when using metatrader4 recently i opened sell position and spicify tp(takeprofit) price ,,the big broblem when market price reach below my tp point several times and the deal not closed,,finally i close it manually after they let me loss some of my profit!! it is possible...
  4. Enfinium

    Binary Options Trade Volume Quadruples at Vantage FX

    Forex trading volume also increases by 41% on the back of Binaries July, 2013 - Sydney, Australia Since becoming the world's first broker to offer the ability to trade Forex and Binary Options from the same MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading account, Vantage FX has been experiencing rapid growth...