1. VangGuard not NFA approved

    Forex Broker is stating at the bottom of their website on there home page, that they are registered with the National Futures Association (NFA), after calling the registered company in the NFA Database, they called me back and confirmed the site is illegally using their NFA registered...
  2. T

    Please help! Am I being Scammed? (

    I know NOTHING about trading and I need some people who DO know about it to PLEASE help me see if I am or not, or maybe being scammed…please read on... Sorry for the wall of text! About a month ago I matched with a girl on Tinder. After a few days we started chatting, moved to using WeChat...
  3. AsstModerator

    CHF Crisis Causes NFA to Considering New Regs - "Nothing is off the table"

    CHF Crisis Causes NFA to Considering New Regs Nothing is off the table. According to, the NFA is considering new regulations. FXCM's need for a $300 million loan to keep itself afloat in the wake of the CHF crisis has gotten the NFA's attention. Because of this, the NFA is...
  4. G

    Petition to repeal NFA Rule 2-43(b) for FIFO/Offsetting Transactions for ForEx trading

    Dear friends, I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 100,000 signatures by October 19, 2014, the White House will review it and respond- You...
  5. AsstModerator

    FXDD gets a $600,000 CFTC Penalty and Registration Ban

    I'm told that FXDD recently transferred its retail clients in the US to FXCM. I wonder if this press release from the CFTC had anything to do with it... RELEASE: PR7009-14 September 24, 2014 FXDirectDealer, LLC Ordered to Pay $600,000 Civil Monetary Penalty and to Comply with Three-Year...
  6. AsstModerator

    FXDD fined $2 million and has to pay $1.8 million to traders for asymmetric slippage

    Over a year ago, FXDD unilaterally removed profits from client accounts based on the accusation the customers had somehow "manipulated" FXDD's trading system by executing trades at "off-market" prices. FXDD long after the NFA limits on trade price adjustments. In what appeared to be a method...
  7. C

    Resolved FXDD will not process withdrawal.

    I've had an account with FXDD for over a year(FXDD MT). I recently received an email that the account will be closed and all profits wiped, copy of email below: Dear Sir Your account captioned above was selected for a detailed review by Compliance. After analyzing all records related to...
  8. T

    The nationwide "delude the whole industry" scam is fully supported by the NFA. Possibly created by t

    The NFA changed the meaning of the term/word FOREX from On-exchange trading to Off-Exchange trading. This is not possibly legal because it would delude it's entire customer base into thinking they are trading on the real Foreign Exchange when in fact- all accounts belonging to people and or...
  9. J

    ILQ is a fraud, see NFA Complaint I guess, that is already enough information ;) johndemoll
  10. AsstModerator

    PFG Best (at making trader money disappear?)

    PFG Best (at making trader money disappear?) It looks like something has gone very wrong at Peregrine Financial Group, also known as PFG Best. PFG and Peregrine Asset Management have been locked down by the NFA. They are prohibited from accepting new money, except to cover margin for...
  11. R

    FastBrokers and FXDD case

    Hello all! My father and me have a joint account with FXDD. It was opened through introducing broker FastBrokers and we have a special Rebate agreement with FastBrokers. After ~1 year of successful trading on this account, the FastBrokers company denied to pay rebates. They are motivating by...
  12. Scam Investigations Committee

    CDH Forex – The CFTC Ends a Scam

    CDH Forex The CFTC Ends a Scam The FPA tries to warn people to carefully check out managed forex accounts before investing. Sometimes the scammers are just a little too convincing. In this case, they convinced investors to part with over $2.2 million. It started with the NFA shutting...
  13. Scam Investigations Committee

    Green Tree Capital – Don't Gamble on This Scam

    Green Tree Capital – Don't Gamble on This Scam A lot of investors don't have time to manage their own money. That's why some of them hire professional account managers to trade forex for them. The biggest risks with an account manager is that he might treat trading as gambling or that he...
  14. S

    Greentree redemption problems

    after almost 3 weeks of calling to get a redemption, no one will take my call or give me assistance.
  15. T

    Beware of Green Tree Capital Investments

    All is NOT well with Green Tree! My issues with Green Tree have been NOT resolved. I did in fact get a portion of my account out -- $10k out of ~$25k, but that was only after they told me to create positive posts here at FPA and UNDO previous negative posts. The first of February this year...
  16. Pharaoh

    IKON GM Nailed by the NFA for Using a Virtual Dealer Plugin

    IKON GM Nailed by the NFA for Using a Virtual Dealer Plugin by Pharaoh Just when I thought I had my writing addiction cured As infuriated as I am and the CFTC and NFA for some of their incredibly moronic new regulations, this time I have to deeply thank the NFA for watching out for forex...
  17. Scam Investigations Committee

    ACTCFX – NFA registered, but still scamming a trader

    Amin El-Hakim is a nice guy and a very good forex trader. He's been scammed many times, and is trying to be much more careful selecting his broker. He found one that was NFA registered, but still got scammed. ACTCFX is registered under NFA # 0232831. This was listed on their website when...
  18. Pharaoh

    IBFX gets spanked by the NFA

    IBFX gets spanked by the NFA by Pharaoh Obsessively addicted to writing It seems that IBFX has gotten some unwanted attention from the NFA over several issues lately. A reviewer named Martin from the Czeck Republic submitted a link to an NFA document. One of the Review Moderators...
  19. Scam Investigations Committee

    Reallocation of profits and other strange activities

    Reallocation of profits and other strange activities A reviewer left a review on July 12th 2009 about some NFA issues with CFS Capital Management. One of the review moderators sent it over to the Scam Investigations Committee. At first, our investigators weren't sure how serious it was. The...
  20. Pharaoh

    Does the NFA plan to destroy MT4 in the USA?

    On April 29th, I wrote an article about some new NFA rules . They ended hedging with NFA registered brokers (bad), and also restricted the ability of brokers to wreck profits by claiming price feed errors (extremely good). Everyone was so focused on the hedging part that some of the...