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    Exposed to fraud - and

    Hello all friends I have a problem Occurred in a scam With two company I thought that companies are certified companies But it happened companies scam first company citybroker url : Second company url : The amount of the deposit is for...
  2. A

    SCAMMED by Nordextrading, I'm truly displeased

    Hello Everyone, First of all, i feel very stupid right now, i don't know how did i fail for this Forex B.S Scam Artists NordexTrading contacted me over the phone and they were calling from London. They convinced me that they're a legit company who can help me make money fast through currency...
  3. AsstModerator

    NRG Binary - Another Binary Options Scam Broker

    NRG Binary Another Binary Options Scam Broker NRG Binary got a suspiciously high number of complaints at the FPA. At first, the company's representative, Lance Graham, stepped in and managed to fix some of the complaints. Later on, his role seemed to shift to delaying clients as long as...
  4. Scam Investigations Committee

    FPA Scam Finding against and the related sites and We the members of the Scam Investigations Committee of the Forex Peace Army have deliberated on all the evidence available to us and have reached a conclusion. It is our opinion that... NRG Binary...
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    Problem & Alfa media group LTD

    I'm a trader with & my broker told me to transfer my amount to MT4 VIP account that operations from his side in Meta-trader and i'm only observer. After few days of trading i asked him to withdrawal my capital which it was $11350 without my profit . But he refuse cause he gave...