1. L


    If you earn something, they will take it away from you. I have had this case twice. I started with my $ 30,000 and went on to earn well over $ 100,000. Then, at the moment of major movements with EURUSD, Iron set up trading in such a way (I suspect a short-term change in leverage) that suddenly...
  2. E

    [SCAM] IronFX (Notesco Financial Services Limited(CySEC licence no. 125/10))

    I have been scammed by IronFX. I can't withdraw my money from them. Every withdrawal request is being processed for ever. withdrawals attempts Account Date Transaction ID Type Amount Status Change status 20055893 2019-01-11 WB5000ZUTXPL6CMT Withdrawal – Bank PLN16165.84 Waiting for...
  3. Pat22

    IRON FX / NOTESCO Financial Services SCAM

    I am also one of the scammed clietns by IRONX now NOTESCO. As ussually I can not withdraw money form account. But I will not give up. I have even decision of financial ombudsman of Cyprus and I am decided put it on court. I Do not give up. It takes time but we will succeed !!!!! :)
  4. 4evermaat

    Problem Is ArgoMarkets, FxPace, Notesco Pty Ltd Australia's new IronFx?

    A friend of my received the most interesting email earlier today from a company called FxPace apparently out of Australia. It was originally sent in Chinese, but the few English parts showed a name "Notesco Pty Ltd". That Notesco name sounded eerily familiar. A quick search had IronFx...