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    www.option500.com Option500 a Mega Scam of BDB and OptionFM

    All traders beware, option500 is run , managed and operated by the top scammers from OptionFM and BancDeBinary . They have moved to option500 after BDB/OFM shut down operations and those guys finished to "clean out" their client balances (see other threads in FPM) . Sean Goldman , Steve...
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    Option500 Scam (Jonathan Gable, Joey Walter, Carl Ericsson)

    I have seen some posts on here already about Option500 and I am starting to see that I am not the only one that is dealing with this. This has been going on for almost a year now and I now need to get serious about getting back at them. Below, I copied and pasted the same report I sent to the...
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    OPTION 500 scammers

    Started dealing with this organization on aug 31st 2016, I have deposited over $20000 usd . The broker Carl Ericsson is a smooth talker and in installments withdrew amounts totalling $20654.10. He said the money would we put back on my card before the credit card bill came due. This has not...
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    Why You Should Stay Away from Option500 (as well as binary options itself)

    Carl Ericsson called my mother’s cellphone on August 26, 2016 and hooked us in by saying a bunch of stories about how “Pokémon Go” would make Google’s stocks go up and we need to get inside as soon as possible. He made my mother deposit around $5000 USD first and promised a $15,000 bonus to our...
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    Be careful with option500 investment

    Good day FPA, My name is Heru Hariyanto from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am a new trader of option500 and I got problem in withdrawing my fund and found a cheating trading methode. First of all, my english is not that good and it is a big joy finding FPA and able to share a very bad forex experience...
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    Option500 -a top scam broker

    I would like to lodge the complaint on illicit broker option 500, OPTION SOLUTION Group Limited- 3rd Floor, C&H Tower, Corner of Great Marlborough And Great George Street, PO Box 2320, Roseau, 00152, Commonwealth Of Dominica. who had scammed my money of total usd18,700. The complaints are as...