pharaoh challenge

  1. A

    Services Offered The grail has been found! 100% profit per month. All trades are profitable. Monitoring.

    The grail has been found! 100% profit per month. All trades are profitable. Looking for investors, 50/50. Investments from 1000 $. For a potential investor, I can open a monitoring to show the trading. Trading is carried out in cryptocurrencies.
  2. U

    Ponzi Scheme scam forex investment

    This is a UK registered company called Investing 4 You Ltd (, their website is The company website clearly states they are a forex broker and they carry out trades on customers behalf. I have heard...
  3. E

    Ponzi Scheme Can anyone tell me about My MTI Club? (

    I'm looking for good investments. I saw My MTI Club (at Can anyone tell me about it? The site makes it sound very like a good thing. I just want more information before I decide about investing.
  4. O

    Services Offered Investment opportunity is here for you to invest as low as US$500 and get a profit return of US$5,000

    PROFIT PLAN FOR INVESTMENT. US$500 gives you a return of US$5,000.00 within 7-business days. US$1,000 gives you a return of US$10,500.00 in ten business days. US$5,000 gives you a return of US$50,000.00 within 1-Month. We are given you 100% guaranteed money back, no risk of any kind is involved...
  5. chreed

    Training opp: Using remote viewing to make FOREX predictions (L.A. area, Aug 22-24)

    Options and FOREX Remote Viewing workshop: Wagering for the Long Term August 22-24 at Los Angeles Airport Hilton $495 Registration Fee for full 3 days, including newbie/refresher training $395 Registration Fee for 2 1/2 days Applied Precognition Project workshop to teach newbies and...
  6. K

    Remote Viewing the Markets & Felix Yacht Seminar Video

    Is the Yacht Seminar Video (with Fred "Skip" Atwater's speech on remote viewing the markets) not accessible any more? I want to learn more about remote viewing the financial markets. Where shall I turn to? By the way, where is Felix himself? :)
  7. JCL's Forex

    Services Offered Managed Forex Accounts Low Minimum - 30% Monthly (FAILED)

    Forex managed accounts with special low $500 minimum deposit offer. 30% per month = 2000% per year If we want our situation to change we have to take risks. We have to risk failure. If we want to achieve great things we have to risk failure. Fortune favors the bold. 1K into 100K 30% per...
  8. M

    Info Global FX Trading Legit or Not??

    I have been contacted via phone from a trader called John from global fx trading in Dubai. They are offering me a trial managed forex account for £1000 with returns of up to 18% per month and if i am happy I will have to add a further £9k after 30days it sounds TO GOOD TO BE TRUE so i am asking...
  9. F

    Services Offered FxStay- PROBABLE SCAM - Professional Forex Manaegd Account, Guarantee Main Investment Up To $100.000

    The Fxstay team forex broker provides guarantee to its clients forex managed accounts up to $100.000.00, The guarantee include the main investment clients investing in a managed account with Fxstay broker for trading by its professional manageres, To make it clear for you let me tell you...
  10. S

    Resolved - Scam alert

    In 2011, I opened an account with PROFIT FX SIGNAL. At first i signed up for their basic service, after 2 months of receiving signals, i decided to sign up for the professional package which would allow trading more pairs (specially yen crosses), this services promised 1000 pips/month. I paid...
  11. S

    Problem IFC Markets become a scam

    I start trading with them a few weeks ago, using an expert advisor created by me. I opened an account, a microaccount infect, to see how is going. After 3 weeks the account balance was $5003 so, based on their Terms of business, trading was disabled. Condition to reenable trading was to...
  12. G

    Formosa Auto Trade System, Paycheck autotrade - Scam

    I've googled a lot but can't find any internet info about the Formosa Auto Trade System for which I've been passed a flyer. Package One talks of $1000 profit a month and the package costs $15980. up to Package Turbo talks of $5000 profit a month and costs $23100. I've attached the two...