plus option

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    Plusoption scam

    Red flag. Same modus operandi, gain your trust, make promises of "protected capital', keep pushing for more deposits, then clean you out. DAVE KAPLAN and NATHAN KLINE are professional thieves. Kaplan has a smooth mellow voice, very believable, both are ruthless liars, do not have anything to do...
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    Protected Capital at PlusOption

    Date 1-05-2017 User name: Protected Capital Subject: Problem to withdrawal Protected Capital Investment from the brokerage Plus Option. From: Lars Möller, Swedish, borned 1938-08-10...
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    Plusoption Brokers.

    Hello,i made a minimum deposit of 250$ and verified my account with this brokers..Initially,i had applied for an auto trading software called Nuvo finance,which automatically referred me to Plusoption brokers..i later tried to activate the software but it was not working.i decided to manually...
  4. D to be avoided

    Our experience with plus option mirrors many of the unfortunate experiences with online brokers. Lots of money in, a myriad of reasons why you can never get it out. Multiple brokers, promises of capital protection without disclosing later stated terms and conditions, shifts into investments so...
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    Plusoption is a scam! I was trapped!

    PLUSOPTION is a Scam, and I was trapped by in UK. The minute I registered on 27 Oct 2016, I had calls coming in endlessly to deposit and then to Invest and yes I was trapped for USD 6500. they told me about adding bonus which NEVER EVER HAPPEND!! The first broker who desperately called me...