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  1. The Trading Pit

    Services Offered The Trading Pit brings you the StereoTrader 2.6

    The Trading Pit announces its partnership with StereoTrader 2.6 scalable trading optimization panel for the MT4 and MT5 platforms. StereoTrader enables you to trade on ETFs, Forex, and CFDs from a single trading account and use any type of trading strategy and style. It simplifies and...
  2. The Trading Pit

    Services Offered FREE LIVE WEBINAR: Trading Psychology and How it Impacts the Trader

    Join expert =AZVreKFejEJ47EKP1jQgdEYga3BXZEwrlNWdOM1_-Howmp8w-9uw2sFL14R_uJ9BJRMK2xVPQp98C5G7KlIsxifhF8pqiOCP1Y-HTjNIYYGFLfwAoJrJv_4Cl3NuW_ONZ2ZF5jNv2vKlXxUl8gBWFBk-VHkQzeDU_QbpimBEnTCVibgjm6I6zoPjj88GDjOp-OFfYrMt-6zvTONxpa_tMAWK&__tn__=*NK-R']trader and Partner of The Trading Pit, Paris...
  3. The Trading Pit

    Fx Discounts and Rebates The Trading Pit BLACK FRIDAY OFFER

    Take our Black Friday Challenge! To mark Black Friday, we are launching our limited-time Black Friday Challenge. Take one of our Trading Challenges, enter the code, and receive 30% off your first Challenge! But that is not all! Once you pass, we will...
  4. The Trading Pit

    The Trading Pit adds Eurex Exchange

    Eurex Exchange Your Gateway To The European Markets EUREX is one of the world's most liquid fixed-income markets providing open #electronic access to its trading facilities, along with access to its partner #network across Europe and beyond. It is a member of the DeutscheBörseGroup and has a...
  5. The Trading Pit

    The Trading Pit Secures €10 Million in Growth Funding

    VADUZ, Liechtenstein, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Trading Pit (TTP) is proud to announce that it has secured €10 million in its latest round of growth funding. The high-growth prop trading fintech has secured capital to accelerate its growth initiatives with a mission to become the global...
  6. The Trading Pit

    The Trading Pit is now a trademark!

    It’s official! The Trading Pit is now a trademark! The circular R - - is an important step in any company’s brand journey and we’re no different! Trademarking our name is vital, it allows us to control and defend our intellectual property (IP), name, tagline, logo, and much more. This is...
  7. The Trading Pit

    Press releases from The Trading Pit, prop trading firm

    Dear traders, FPA is an incredible resource for traders of all experience levels. At the Trading Pit, we believe in educating traders and practicing transparency in everything we do. So, going forward, we're going to share educational articles about trading, and news about The Trading Pit in...
  8. Robert_JBeam

    New to prop trading

    Hello people, I am new to prop trading, I have been trading for a few weeks and yet to pass the challenge phase. Well, I am in profit and soon I will earn the real account. Wish me luck!