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Join our FREE 5-part webinar with John Netto! Starting 27 Nov, every selected Monday at 11 AM EST. Gain expert insights in 36-min sessions on trading strategy and market intuition. Bonus: "The Global Macro Edge" chapters FREE!

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Unlock the synergy of Global Macro Fundamentals and Price Action in Trading! Dive into our latest blog post and video, where we explore the critical impact of macroeconomic factors on market dynamics and price movements. Visit our blog for the full video and article

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We just released a thrilling video on our YouTube channel that you can't afford to miss! Watch Illimar Mattus, the co-founder of The Trading Pit, masterfully navigate the Orange Juice Futures market and secure a jaw-dropping profit of over $1 Million!

This is more than just a video; it's a masterclass in trading, a showcase of strategy, and a testament to what knowledge, discipline, and timing can achieve in the trading arena.

Watch the Action Here:

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We're proud to announce that The Trading Pit has been awarded the “Best Educational Resources 2023” by Forex Prop Reviews—a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch trader education.

Big thanks to our fantastic community - clients, partners, and dedicated team

Are you curious about our award-winning journey? Dive into our blog for insights and plans. ➡️ Read Our Blog:

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Get ready for iFX EXPO Dubai 2024! We're thrilled to announce Christian Ernst, Director of Strategic Partnerships, will attend 16th-18th January 2024, at the renowned Dubai World Trade Centre, Za’abeel Hall 6, UAE. Secure your spot with Christian at

IFX Expo Dubai is the most buzzed-about trading community meetup of the year, and we're thrilled to announce that Andreas Pilavakis, the esteemed Head of Customer Support at The Trading Pit, will be taking the stage to share his invaluable insights on the future of prop trading.

️ Date: 18th January | 14:00
Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre, Za’abeel Hall 6, UAE

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Missed it the first time? No problem – we've got you covered
Take another look at the Market Wizard himself, John F. Netto, and delve into the insights of this acclaimed strategist.

Watch it here

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Don't Miss This: $1 Million OJ Futures Trade!

Watch Illimar Mattus, Co-Founder of The Trading Pit, make a stunning $1 Million profit in our latest YouTube video. It's a trading masterclass showcasing strategy, skill, and success!

Re-watch the full video here:

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This Week in Trading: Top 5 Payouts Unveiled!

Discover who's making big moves and big wins.
Aiming for the top? Your journey starts here!

Take on the TTP Challenge

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