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At the Trading Pit, we believe in educating traders and practicing transparency in everything we do. So, going forward, we're going to share educational articles about trading, and news about The Trading Pit in this thread. Most importantly we'll answer all your questions, about our company, our offerings, our educational resources, and about trading in general.

The Trading Pit is a global prop trading firm, based in Liechtenstein, which sets a new standard in trading by supporting you to reach your full potential and become a partner of The Trading Pit and reach financial freedom. Traders can virtually trade in multiple asset classes such as futures, forex, stocks, and cryptos on the industry’s best and most powerful platforms.

The most successful traders get the chance to become Partners of The Trading Pit and the possibility to earn up to 70% of the profits.

We want to help traders become more confident and financially successful. We are fully aligned with our traders. Their success is our success, and we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

The Trading Pit is the only prop trading firm with a true partnership model.

We’ve created an intuitive, powerful platform and we understand that traders need access to cutting-edge technology and tools in an ever-changing market. Our robust infrastructure and platform offer a unique proprietary trading environment and experience.

We aim to equip our traders with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure that they have a successful journey in the global markets.

Why choose The Trading Pit?
  • We provide traders the opportunity to gain an Official Asset Management Certificate/License
  • The only Prop trading firm in the industry that offers all tradeable instruments – Futures (including both EUREX and CME), Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptos, and stocks.
  • We are the only Prop trading firm that offers forex traders Multiple brokers to choose from - freedom of choice to choose the broker of their preference. No conflict of interest between us and the trader. we do not trade against our own traders, nor do we work against brokers.
  • We provide traders with real/live accounts with real money after they pass the challenge. This allows us to justify how aligned we are with traders for mutual benefit. We are in the same boat.
  • We are the only prop trading firm in the industry that provides its affiliates commissions in challenges as well as in the real/live phases and this makes us the industry-highest affiliate commission program. This helps us achieve fast high growth.
  • Strong Education support, tools, and systems! And access to real professional trading mentors/coaches. We are not opposite or behind you, we are next to you!

How it works
1. Choose your market and apply
2. Pass our evaluation challenge
3. Trade and earn!

Our global markets
  1. Futures
  2. Forex
  3. Crypto - Coming Soon
  4. Stocks - Coming Soon

• Fastest Growing Proprietary Firm in Europe, 2022

Which platforms can you use with The Trading Pit?

We offer access to world-class trading platforms, available across all devices:
MT4, MT5, ATAS, Quantower, Rithmic, Bookmap, EdgePro, StereoTrader, and Sierra Chart and we are adding more.

Join an industry-changing, disruptive network today. Pay us a visit and discover what the future holds.


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The Trading Pit now offers its traders access to the popular trading platform as part of their comprehensive trading ecosystem.

The Trading Pit, a global prop trading firm that’s seeking to revolutionize the industry through a unique Partnership program, has announced that all of its traders will gain access to Bookmap, a leading, popular trading platform for stocks, futures and crypto for free.

Bookmap is a cutting-edge trading platform that provides real-time visualization of the order book. It allows you to watch millions of market data updates in real-time, made possible with a proprietary event processing engine. Offering a range of trading indicators and analysis tools, Bookmap allows traders to watch the order flow unfold in real-time at 40 frames per second.

Over 30 popular feeds and trading connections are supported from a range of different asset classes, including futures, stocks, and crypto. Bookmap provides a 100% unfiltered and non-aggregated data display of price action and volume and allows you to benefit from broker-neutral connectivity and unrivaled execution capability.

Key features

  • Bookmap’s Liquidity Heatmap allows traders to analyze order flow and levels of support and resistance
  • The system is compatible with a wide range of data providers and exchanges
  • Unique analytical indicators offer incredible market insights
  • Recognize volume bubbles and instantly see imbalances between aggressive buyers and sellers
  • Discover the spread for an asset at any given time and identify exhaustion and absorption in real-time
  • Visualize the current order book and the depth of market in a number of different ways
  • Zoom in to observe the market at the micro timeframe level with data displayed in real-time
  • Switch between stocks, futures and crypto with a click and display charts across multiple monitors
  • Record your trading sessions to watch later and improve your approach as well as placing simulated orders to test strategies
  • Charts can be customized to fit your trading style and candlesticks and volume bars can be added
  • Enter, modify and cancel orders directly from the chart of DOM column

“We’re excited to offer Bookmap to our growing network of international traders. Bookmap is a leading trading platform that enhances the trader’s ability to understand the market and quickly react to position themselves,” said Maria Petraki, Operations Manager at The Trading Pit. “We’re committed to offering our Partners the very best tools to enable them to trade to the best of their ability, and Bookmap is part of that offering. Its tools and real-time displays are unparalleled in the market.”

“The Trading Pit is an exciting addition to the prop trading industry. Their partnership model is unique and we are eager to work with them. The thousands of traders around the world who use Bookmap everyday already know that our platform is the best in the industry and that it offers unique market transparency. The data visualization we provide helps traders to understand orderflow and allows them to gain deep insights into market participants. We look forward to growing together with The Trading Pit and seeing this partnership expand in the future.” said, Josh, Panzer, Managing Director of Bookmap.

Bookmap will be provided for free for all traders Partnering with The Trading Pit.

For more information on Partnering with The Trading Pit, please visit:
FXDailyInfo honors The Trading Pit in its Forex Brokers Awards 2022.


The Trading Pit, a Lichtenstein-based Prop Trading firm that’s aiming to revolutionize the trading business, has won the coveted ‘Fastest Growing Proprietary Firm in Europe’ award at the FXDailyInfo Forex Brokers Awards 2022. The Trading Pit is now set to enable global access to all major asset classes, including Forex, Stocks, Futures, and Cryptos within the next 6 months.​

The award is testament to The Trading Pit’s fast growth and is especially prized due to the competitive nature of the trading industry at present.

Speaking shortly after receiving the award, Themis Christou, Chief Marketing at The Trading Pit, said, “We’re delighted to have received this award and we’d like to thank FXDailyInfo for this honor. We work hard to create an offering that’s compelling for traders and partners alike. We work with the best firms from across the industry, from data providers to brokerages, from platform providers to news and educational platforms, to banks, finance houses. We’re transparent, we treat people fairly and we play by the rules. We’re changing the industry one trader at a time.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be attending Finance Magnates’ 2022 London Summit!

Held from November 21-23, the Summit brings together leaders in fintech, service provision, institutional #finance, and more!

We’ll be talking trading and #tech and introducing everyone from all around the world to our new offerings!

To book a time to talk to one of our team members email us at

We can’t wait to see you!

Where: Old Billingsgate, London
When: 21-23 November

Meet Swaantje Dirks, The Trading Pit's Legal Consultant

While at World of Trading, we had the chance to sit down with Swaantje Dirks, specialist lawyer in banking and capital market law and Intellectual Property Law, Partner at Graf Praschma, Heß & Rottloff Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, to talk about the legal and regulatory aspects of trading!

A fascinating conversation, Swaantje is an expert in licensing and regulations. Her insight on regulated firms, license requirements for traders, the challenges faced by trading companies, the future of regulations and compliance and much more was incredible.

This is a must-watch video for everyone seeking to understand the legal and regulatory aspects of trading!

Numbers might be a universal language, but we work with Partners from around the world to offer a fully customized, localized experience!

So, we’re over the moon to announce that as of today, is available in 17 languages!

From now on, visitors to our site will be able to sign up for our Trading Challenges, read our updates, dive into our educational material, and much, in one of the 17 languages we offer!

We’re planning to grow and we have truly global, international ambitions. We knew that we needed to reach out to potential Partners all over the world and the only way to do that is in their own language! We’re committed to treating people as equals, no matter where they’re from, or their level of trading experience.

We’ll be adding more languages as we go and we’re aiming to cover as much of the world as possible! Stay tuned!

Start exploring Prop Trading in your native language!

Did you know? Our CEO Thomas Heyden is the winner of two European awards?

In 2009, Thomas won two Deutscher Fondspreis awards! Fonds Professionell, the organizers of one of the German-speaking world’s largest trading events, gave Thomas the awards primarily for the performance of two of his funds, TOMAC Defensiv and TOMAC Offensiv, during the financial crisis of 2008/2009!

Fonds Professionell organizes the largest fund management event in the German-speaking world. Every event draws hundreds of companies from the financial industry, including banks, fund managers service providers, and investment companies. Over 10,000 representatives from the financial world visit each event.

We’re proud to have Thomas on board and we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!

It’s official!
The Trading Pit is now a trademark!

The circular R -
- is an important step in any company’s brand journey and we’re no different!

Trademarking our name is vital, it allows us to control and defend our intellectual property (IP), name, tagline, logo, and much more.

This is another milestone for us, we’ve come such a long way and the support we’ve received from across the industry has been incredible!

But this, this feels “official”!
Thank you all
Now! Let’s trade!
*Sorry. We couldn’t resist!
VADUZ, Liechtenstein, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Trading Pit (TTP) is proud to announce that it has secured €10 million in its latest round of growth funding. The high-growth prop trading fintech has secured capital to accelerate its growth initiatives with a mission to become the global leader in online prop trading.


The Trading Pit is now set to enable global access to all major asset classes, including Forex, Futures, Stocks, and Cryptos within the next 6 months. Pinorena Capital was the principal investor in this funding round following its early investment in the company.

"We are very eager to support The Trading Pit considering the company's exceptional delivery on all fronts of its original business plan. We have been amazed by the strong interest TTP has received from brokers, platform providers, and of course traders in such a short time. This solidifies our belief that TTP's products and services will fundamentally change the way the prop trading industry works today. The fintech start-up has our full support in becoming the industry's benchmark over the next few years and creating the prop trading, investing, and asset management super app."

Illimar Mattus | Founder of Pinorena Capital & Co-Founder of The Trading Pit

Pinorena Capital, the private equity firm led by entrepreneurs a fintech-heavy portfolio of companies. This funding will assist TTP in achieving its goals and help in creating a super app starting with proprietary trading and then naturally expanding into investments and asset management. TTP is building up an ambitious B2B product offering and B2C business development network, from Asia to the Americas. A global network of up to 30 major trading platforms and service providers will feature as part of TTP's prop trading infrastructure within the next 24 months, with the liquidity being sourced from over 20 industry-leading brokers.

"We are pleased to see such a strong commitment from our existing investors which will help us to deliver on all of The Trading Pit's strategic objectives at a much faster pace. The Trading Pit emerged from the simple concept of giving all skillful traders a fair opportunity to reach success in an environment where there is no conflict of interest, and which has full transparency. Our initial success has convinced us that we need to be much bolder with our plans and execution, and the capital provided by our investors will help us to do exactly that."

Christoph Radecker | Founder of & Co-Founder of The Trading Pit

As the company looks forward to realizing its innovative approach to trading the markets, its product development capacity and speed will be key to establishing itself as the leading one-stop venue for online prop trading. The Trading Pit's platform and offerings represent nothing less than a new generation of online services and products for talented traders. The company's prop trading challenges have been designed by industry experts and developers to identify and retain top traders worldwide. The company has consistently outpaced growth forecasts and its innovation across its platforms and services allows traders to create far more impactful results.

Challenge Yourself & Change The Markets With The Trading Pit!

Eurex Exchange Your Gateway To The European Markets

EUREX is one of the world's most liquid fixed-income markets providing open #electronic access to its trading facilities, along with access to its partner #network across Europe and beyond.

It is a member of the DeutscheBörseGroup and has a strong focus on European-based #derivatives, ranging from German and #Swiss debt instruments to European stocks and various indexes.

Over 1.6 million contracts yearly, more than 7.700 traders in 35 countries, and access to more than 2000 products. A global network of more than 700 locations, and 200 members in 19 countries.

Challenge Yourself & Change The Markets With The Trading Pit!