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    New Forex Stuff NEW Scalping Expert Advisor v11

    NEW Scalper Expert Advisor v11 with New Functions! FREE trial version for real and demo accounts. Look what's new in V11 We've come a long way and now we are in Vision V11! Key Features: NEWS FILTER! (Avoid risky trades) Trailing Stop (Maximise...
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    I have an EA that I run on H1. I have looked at shortening the time frame so I ran some back tests on M1 - the results were strong. However on a forward test the brokers commission drained the performance as the dollar value of the commission is 4 times the lot size in dollars. This seems to...
  3. Forex92


    FOREX SCALPING – A COMPLETE GUIDE Forex scalping is a popular way of establishing and closing trades quickly. The term “quick” is ambiguous, but most scalpers hold positions for less than a minute. Scalping's appeal stems from its perceived trading safety. Many traders say that because...
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    New Forex Stuff Super Scalping Robot Only For Gold Trading

    The Scalper Gold EA has been developed based on a Scalping strategy for the XAU/USD to gain 20% to 38% Monthly Profit with 84% Verified Win Rate. Trading on Gold Market is more Profitable than other pairs and more Risky as well. Monthly return; 20% to 38% Win rate; 84% Pair; XAUUSD Time Frame...
  5. Vadym1

    New Forex Stuff Новый советника M5 scalping для Metatrader 4

    I saw a new robot. I am testing on the strategy tester. Today the market is closed, I put the ether on the chart, it opens trades brilliantly. Tomorrow I'll look at the pound / dollar. Who has already tested write your review.
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    New Forex Stuff Micro Scalping Trading System

    Title: Scalper_v10 Currency Pairs: All Timeframe: M1 Trading Time: 17:00 to 07:00 GMT Best Results With: GBP/USD and USD/CAD Compatibility: Only MT4
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    As I am new to trading, I have come across a term SCALPING every now and then, can someone explain me briefly about that
  8. J

    Problem plus500 scalping

    hi all, can positions held overnight be flagged as scalping by plus500? if so, how many overnights would you recommend to stay safe from they flagging you as a scalper? greetings!!
  9. MoneyManager

    Regular Posts. Journal of our automated scalping "Safe system #1"

    Hey everyone. Introducing our trading system, fully launched on 02.12.2019 It's quite early to tell, but the start is very good. The strategy doesn't use martingale, averaging, locking or any type of dangerous methods. Stop Loss is always used. We will post here regulary, but you can also...
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    What are the best Scalping EAs based on real accounts data?

    Hi, I would be grateful if you could share with us with your personal experience with the existing Scalping EAs. Which EA is best in terms of DD and TP/SL?. Thank you.