1. R


    As I am new to trading, I have come across a term SCALPING every now and then, can someone explain me briefly about that
  2. J

    plus500 scalping

    hi all, can positions held overnight be flagged as scalping by plus500? if so, how many overnights would you recommend to stay safe from they flagging you as a scalper? greetings!!
  3. MoneyManager

    Regular Posts. Journal of our automated scalping "Safe system #1"

    Hey everyone. Introducing our trading system, fully launched on 02.12.2019 It's quite early to tell, but the start is very good. The strategy doesn't use martingale, averaging, locking or any type of dangerous methods. Stop Loss is always used. We will post here regulary, but you can also...
  4. L

    What are the best Scalping EAs based on real accounts data?

    Hi, I would be grateful if you could share with us with your personal experience with the existing Scalping EAs. Which EA is best in terms of DD and TP/SL?. Thank you.
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