sive morten

  1. ElaineMDG

    New to FOREX, Quest @ "Bootcamp"

    Hello All!! I should probably introduce myself in that other section, but I'll do a short one here before asking my question. I'm 55, had to leave my career a few years ago due to my health. As a former healthcare professional, who'd also worked in research-my brother & nephew, (who do some...
  2. Sive Morten

    FOREX PRO Weekly October 22-26, 2012

    Monthly Although market has shown some deeper invasion inside of monthly Confluence resistance overall picture has not changed much since previous week. Probably in today’s research we again will be focused on lower time frame analysis. On monthly chart trend holds bearish. After first...
  3. WaveRider

    A complete break down of Sive Morten's trading strategy

    This is a wiki posting of Sive's trading method. Please help. Here are the rules: I'm going to describe Sive's morning trading analysis as I understand it. Correct me when I'm wrong (I will be wrong) and I'll edit the original posting to make it accurate. When you correct me, if possible...