New to FOREX, Quest @ "Bootcamp"


Hello All!! I should probably introduce myself in that other section, but I'll do a short one here before asking my question. I'm 55, had to leave my career a few years ago due to my health. As a former healthcare professional, who'd also worked in research-my brother & nephew, (who do some trading & investing), asked my opinion on some BioTech companies--which ended up being profitable for them.
Although financially, I'm in no position to do any major trading or investing, I decided to learn as much as I could so that when I DO have some spare money, at least I'd know the basics. As my former professors would tell you, I'm also a perpetual student & will likely pass away while reading SOME type of textbook. ;)

I've recently finished a basic "Fundamentals" of trading course, (which I loved!!), have been doing reading on my own, started Demo trading (NOT much luck with stocks the past 4 weeks), AND, perhaps most importantly: Discovered that giving my email & phone # out to just ONE trading "firm", promising "Free Webinars & Lessons"= 50-100 emails/day, 3-4 calls/day, and more promises of riches than I could ever dream of. Learned my lesson. Now spend 30min/day unsubscribing...

I've also been in several..uhmm.."disagreements" with some of these folks who don't believe I should even look at a companies NAME-nevermind the "Fundamentals"-promising me if I made ANY trades based on fundamentals-I'd lose "everything" . BUT, of course, if ONLY I subscribe to their technical indicators & trading rooms, take THEIR picks of the day-ALL my worries will be over.

I feel sorry for younger people getting into this; these folks can overwhelm you at times.
Anyways, to FOREX. I didn't understand it at ALL-still don't understand many aspects-but LOVE a challenge. A friend, who I trust, said that it may be more feasible, financially, as well as time-wise (I have LOTS of time to watch/read news, play with charts, etc), to learn more about FOREX & commodities. As I began researching it last week, I came upon your wonderful website!! WHERE have you BEEN all my life??!! The information in these forums is invaluable!! I look forward to spending a LOT of time here, and hopefully, not asking too many stupid questions. ;)
My first question: the lessons by "Sive Morten"? Are these by ANY chance available in a book or PDF form somewhere to download? The reason I ask is that I'll be spending quite a bit of time traveling this next week, and also may not have wifi access at the hospital I'm going to for testing. I would even be willing to PAY a reasonable amount!! If it's not already available, I may just copy & paste it myself...if I do all or most of it, I'd be more than willing to then put it in a PDF form for the author & moderators. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would find this useful!!
My second question, I'm sure is here somewhere, but just for now: when trading currencies, is the law the same when it comes to intra-day trading? Meaning-are you limited in the number of trades/day before you have to comply with the DayTrading requirements? If there's different rules associated with FOREX, where can I find them?

Don't worry, I plan on sticking with a Demo accounts until I have the whole "spread" thing down...AND until I'm MUCH better versed in the currencies & numbers themselves. I've actually been doing pretty good this past week doing only currencies and oil! ($100K Demo acct up $2800 in 5 days-but that's sticking with micro lots and my Stop's are maybe 1%-I'm overly cautious...yea, I know, I won't get "rich" that way-but at this point, making a little extra in the future to pay for things like CLOTHES, FOOD...maybe a gift or 2 for my grown kids-THAT would be GREAT!! :) I've been at both "extremes" in my life; just 10 years ago, we had 3 homes, a Beemer, minivan, travelled cross-country every week, etc. I also had a husband with a "ship in every port", who was committing corporate credit card and tax fraud, unbeknownst to me, at the time. I knew enough that I cried almost every night. Today? I have VERY little, no car, rent a small apt, and after a fire last year-not even much furniture left. BUT, I have a little bit in the bank, 3 incredible kids who are doing GREAT, NO DEBT, (finally!), a loving little kitten-and I sleep well at night, and smile most of the day!

One more quick quest: Is there 1 platform for practicing Demo on you'd recommend above others?

Ok, THAT turned into a book..sorry!! I think I'll go read some more before getting ready for another day of doctors... :) (the joys of living in a tiny town!)


Hello Elaine Aunty :)

As you are new to Forex World (As per your message) I`ll strongly suggest you to start your Forex career by learning about what is Forex and How its works.

Take a look on this link Forex Military School and start your Forex Journey (improve Forex knowledge)

Also check this Section Beginners Bootcamp to get more knowledge about Forex.

Lets us know if you stuck anywhere and need more details.

We are here to help :)

Best of luck :)