11 January 2024.

Peacefully trading with no problems in sight all of a sudden a freak candlestick out of nowhere ruins an entire two weeks of raising an account. This has never happened before and it's way too suspicious to look past, I have lost all confidence in this broker it's just shocking and coming on this forum to try and get some answers helped a lot because a lot of the things mentioned here make so much sense. If this is really a scam I'm so disappointed. It's only January and I think I'm done trading for the year I am so traumatized in my 5years of trading I've never seen such and it only happened when I decided to give xm a try whereas I was using a different broker all these years.
Have you tried checking out the charts from other brokers at that time and compared them to the changes in yours that caused this issue? I will be surprised if you say no.