1. ad9033

    RESOLVED - Fake slippage by exness blows my account

    Hello I just got scammed by exness fake slippage The nfp news just came this friday and my sl was already hit i was watching the spread too they were normal 2 pips at first when my sl was hit but they didnt closed them and later closed them 50 pips later and blown my 55 dollar trading account i...
  2. I

    Eliminating slippage - turning market orders into limit orders automaticaly.

    My broker has a great feature. There is an option to enter market orders as limit orders with pre-defined max slippage. This way I can trade execution sensitive strategies much better, the trades that would have more then the defined slippage value simply dont open. I tested it for months and...
  3. R

    Do you face slippage issues while placing the order?

    Do you face slippage issues while placing the order? Any solutions how can slippage be avoided?
  4. F


    Today at 06/012019 IC markets have executed my but stops 23.61usd above the market my other buy stop with 18.61 usd above my other buy stop 13.61usd my other buy stop 7.61usd and lar one 1.61usd. For example Gold market opened with gap at around 1561 and I had buy stop at 1562 but they executed...
  5. L

    Why MT4 insists to ignore the slippage set during the synchronization of signal positions?

    Does MT4 want subscribers to lose their hard earned money? If no, why do they synchronize orders with a very high slippage? . In the beginning, they ask you to set the slippage, a few minutes after they synchronize positions regardless of the slippage set?. For example, today I closed a trade...