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  1. FXP_2020

    Primus Weekly - 18th January

    As we are nearing the 20th of January inauguration day in the U.S., the turmoil around U.S. Capitol building breach has not subsided. Around 20,000 National Guardsmen are expected to flood Washington D.C. next week, as per New York Times. Last week House Democrats sent a resolution to Vice...
  2. FXP_2020

    Primus Weekly - 11th January

    The first week of 2021 has been anything but boring. The 2 undecided U.S Senate seats went to Democrats in Georgia Run-offs and the sitting U.S. Senate certified Joe Biden’s win. This was followed by historical pro-Trump protests in the U.S. which culminated with protesters breaching the U.S...
  3. FXP_2020

    Daily Economic Market Outlook — 18 December 2020

    Here are the highlights for today's edition of the Daily Economic Market Outlook. Click here to learn more: Stay tuned for more technical analysis and insights on trading! *The products advertised are only available to clients under Primus Markets.
  4. FXP_2020

    Primus Weekly - 14th December

    It was a big week on European data front last week as both the European Central Bank and European Council met. A number of important decisions and announcements were made that will shape Europe’s recovery in 2021. First and foremost, the ECB announced another EUR 500 billion of stimulus...