1. gtsolid

    Tinder and Garsonforex

    Hi guys, I've been approached by an hot asian girl, we started to speak chinese (she works in Sinagapore, but she studied chinese literature), and at the end she started to speak about good investments she was doing with Garsonforex, in MT5. Now... it's clear it's a scam. Also the main brokers...
  2. A

    Someone try to scam me in Tinder

    I had a match with this Asian girl in Tinder. Her profile was verified, she was "apparently" very close to my place and I was the one to start the conversation. These 3 factors made me lower my guard more than usual. Soon enough, she ask me for my whatsapp and we continued chatting there. Her...
  3. M

    Tinder invest scam

    Hello , Sorry for my bad English. I read a lot of stories regarding asia girls in tinder which tell about investment in fake Cryptocurrency. So it hit me almost. The girl I spoke told about fake coins. I registered at a webside (seems to be legit) , but did not invest. My biggest fault , I...
  4. S

    Problem Knights service group tinder scam

    I have read a few accounts of the same situations and many said to start a new thread about the issues I met someone one tinder, Xia Qiaolan who claimed to be a Chinese business owner. After speaking for a few weeks all day and every day the discussion eventually turned to investment. I...
  5. M

    Possible scam?

    Hello, first of all, I'm not a trader, but I do work as executive so I can potentially be a target of a scam. I live in a large European city, and recently I have seen many girls from China using Tinder Passport. I matched with a few. I have been in contact with two in particular. The first...