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    Hi. I was contacted by Tradeinvest90 after trying to register with Crypto Robot 365. Ben Goodman informed me that they were the brokers dealing with Crypto Robot 365. I cashed in my ISA to trade in Crypto currencies. I invested £16k Ben Goodman supposidly drove my investment up to £35k. My...
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    Scammed by TradeInvest90

    Hi, I thought I was going to be buying Bitcoin via a social media advert by Crypterium that said I had a very limited amount of time in which to invest in Bitcoin and that the process was very simple. I was asked to pay up front. I tried to pay £50 but they said the minimum amount needed to...
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    I joined two months ago (Sept 2017). The account manager assigned to me was Neil Jordan. I told him up front that I know nothing about trading and am relying on him to guide me and assist me. He spoke me into loading first $1000 with a bonus of $1000 they gave me. He told me...