1. hades_traders

    Services Offered Hades Traders Signals & Education - Join the Gods of the Markets! Swing / Day Traders

    Welcome to Hades Traders Signals & Education, We offer quality Forex Signals at a cheap price, we currently have 300 happy customers that endeavour to place our signals. We send 2-5 quality signals a week on average that have at least 1:2.5-3 R:R to ensure profits are always made. We...
  2. J

    Hello Peace Army Traders

    Hi all! Thought I would introduce myself, I'm new to the forum but been into trading for about 18months now. My name is Jimmy and I live in Australia. Looking forward to continuing my journey and sharing knowledge with you all!
  3. V

    Common Personality Traits of Successful Forex Traders

    Novice traders often wonder if there are any common personality traits that are essential for becoming Wealthy and successful Forex traders. First of all, you need to learn that if you are here to get any short-cut and any magical formula for becoming overnight millionaire then my friend, you...
  4. M

    Admire Traders on Telegram scam

    First post. A heads up on a Telegram signals group called "Admire Trader's" - link They have the above public group, and 2 private subscription signal groups - "Admire Paid (long term)" and "Admire Paid (Short term)". They offer potential customers...
  5. BDSwiss

    BDSwiss Launches New Research Portal with 24/5 Market Coverage & Leading Financial Commentary

    Delivering on its pledge to offer traders the best possible service, BDSwiss has recently launched a new Research Portal to house its acclaimed financial commentary. The new portal will provide a comprehensive 24/5 market news coverage through daily and weekly reviews as well as quarterly...
  6. MattMan321

    Help Wanted Looking for Traders

    I am looking for 5 traders with verifiable results (6 months worth minimum) to trade provided funds. All applicants results and accounts will be screened for verification and an offer will be made as to size of account to be traded and pay out to the trader. If you do not have 6 months of...
  7. jsoefpro93

    Hello Peace Army, I'm new new!

    I was advised to join this community of insightful and experienced traders if I'm looking to be better. I made decisions when I was a rookie that now makes me question my trading skill set and strategies. Am looking forward to learning some new things on here.
  8. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Multiple Time Frame Analysis for Forex Traders

    This well written, illustrated article explains to traders how to conduct a multiple time frame analysis of any currency pair, individual currency, or the entire market across 28 pairs. It explains how to set up the basic trend indicators and exact procedures. It includes examples of how to...
  9. cTrader

    How does cTrader place Traders First?

    Traders First™ has been our motto since the inception of cTrader. While many might think that this is just a marketing trick and a nice to hear slogan for traders, Traders First™ approach is a way of living for us, and a concept closely associated with our business model and success. In this...
  10. JohnnyJoe

    Hi fellow traders !

    Hi fellow trades ! Great to be hear I've been silently trading away on JPY pairs and my beloved Bitcoin ! Sorry to all the diehard FX people ! Hoping to learn and maybe help others along the way
  11. G

    Scott Barkely ProAct Traders

    Any one tried his $100 coarse or his Trading room
  12. zebrafx

    Economic news by zebrafx

    VISA AND MASTERCARD OR NATIONAL PAYMENT SYSTEM: PRINCIPLES BEFORE PROFITS? Is it true that a plastic card in your wallet is safer than cash in your pocket? It has really been so until recently, but the latest events in Ukraine have called this idea into question. The complicated situation...
  13. Enfinium

    Vantage FX Client Rewards $10,000 Account Giveaway Winners Announced

    Vantage FX Client Rewards $10,000 Account Giveaway Winners announced Sydney, Australia On the 5th November, four Vantage FX traders were announced as the October winners of the $10,000 prize account giveaway. Each winner received a live Vantage FX account funded with $2,500. The...