Why gold traders should be looking at USOIL


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Why gold traders should be looking at USOIL:

XAU traders have been weathering some volatility over the last few months, with dips to lows of $1,820 (USD), rebounding to new all-time highs just weeks later. Well-timed orders in the right direction surely made a few XAU traders very happy this year, but if you’re not already holding open a gold order below the 1900s, you might be limited to day trading current volatility.

In contrast, USOIL has consistently been a trader’s dream, despite political and economic volatility rocking every market. With short-term and long-term reversals, both investors and day traders have plenty of options. But is oil trading easy, risky, or perhaps only for pro traders?

You might be surprised to find out that you don’t even need to know technical analysis to trade oil. Let’s find out why : https://bit.ly/3ZjNVsO


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