1. M

    Problem Exness deplorable service

    Deplorable Service and Disregard for Client Well-being at Exness I am writing this review to express my profound disappointment with the service I have received from Exness, particularly regarding my experience with complaint number 09260936, yet I am supposed to be one of their “Signature”...
  2. ExnessOfficial

    Exness is now on Twitch!

    It's true ! Exness is now on Twitch! Join us for exciting live trading sessions, expert insights, and so much more. Don't miss out! Join Twitch today, hit that 'Follow' button, and stay ahead of the trading game with Exness! Remember to turn on your notifications too. Find more here...
  3. ExnessOfficial

    Introducing Exness Team Pro - The voice of the markets

    At Exness, we are always finding ways to improve our traders’ experience. Introducing Exness Team Pro, the latest initiative supporting our commitment to our clients’ success.With the help of trading experts from around the world, Exness traders like you can now access reliable insights and...
  4. D

    Problem I can't withdraw my money from EXNESS

    I was Not allowed Withdrawal with Exness. As You can See In Screenshot ,I approached them twice and also on Customer Care but No Response.
  5. Sumair

    Problem Exness did fraud to me please help me to recover my amount i sell gold and suddenly they open my gold with gap at 2070

    Hi My account was 14000$ in exness and i sell gold On exsenss when gold drop they open market with gap at 2070 and blow my account and they delete history from broker but i have proof and i ahve their statemnt from official gmail please help me to recover my money
  6. joker forex

    Problem exness server down and I lost money because I couldn't control orders

    The problem is as follows: I opened deals with large trading volumes, scalping, and the company stopped the server from working, and I lost control of the orders , and I spoke to support and told them that the server was down and I wanted to close the orders. I spoke to support several times and...
  7. thekhuyenv

    Problem Tôi đang có vấn đề với sàn giao dịch Exness

    Xin chào mọi người, mọi người có thể giúp tôi trong trường hợp này ko? Sàn giao dịch Exness đã tự ý đóng lệnh của tôi nhằm mục đích làm cháy tài khoản, thời điểm đóng lệnh vào lúc sáng sớm, lúc đó tôi đang ngủ và thị trường không biến động mạnh gì cả.Khoanh tròn màu đỏ trong hình attach là lệnh...
  8. Donald79

    Problem No withdrawal: Exness issue

    Hello, i've had lots of problem in withdrawing my money fromn exness. Number account 320676. Each time I ask to withdraw they ask me to make a new deposit adding severamente reasons,first time the real name authentication,then taxes payment,then to upgrade my account to an higher level. Is this...
  9. M

    Problem Scammed by Exness

    Scammed by Exness:-(1) Payment to exness Successfully . Amount: Tk 6090 (51 dollar) 15/03/2023 17:24 in Exness. My amount for debited from my Account. But did not add dollar in my trading account still now or return my money account.case no 08390340.many time chat help support team but did not...
  10. B

    Problem Withdraw issue exness

    i tired to exness but not responce exness my account no-11582498 i talk exness support more than 10 time but not resolve my problem .souuport team say as soon as possible .. same word in all time last 6 days …
  11. ad9033

    RESOLVED - Fake slippage by exness blows my account

    Hello I just got scammed by exness fake slippage The nfp news just came this friday and my sl was already hit i was watching the spread too they were normal 2 pips at first when my sl was hit but they didnt closed them and later closed them 50 pips later and blown my 55 dollar trading account i...
  12. O

    ABANDONED - scam and hacked by Exness company

    Hello, please help me, I have been set up for a scam and hacked by Exness company
  13. V

    Problem Exness withdrawal problem

    Hi, I had requested a withdrawal from exness of about 350 USD invoice number is 1049213808 on 13th March which is showing as done on 18th March, today is 21 March while writing still the funds are not received in my account. Exness doesn't care about mails they simply kept them open my case...
  14. Dawsi

    Exness deposit bonus doesn't work and my ticket is open for almost a month.

    Hi I use Exness since 2009 but lately many changes to the worst. I traded over 10000lot with Exness since long time I opened some accounts at that time under a bonus program for unlimited time. However everytime I deposit no deposit bonus so I contacted the support they gave me a ticket number...
  15. jagankris

    Exness refused to pay my deposit - please help me recover my money

    Hi I am Jagan from India.New to Forex Trading. Started trading with exness. They gave an offshore account no which I added to bank beneficiary account to which I transferred money and it was immediately reflected as dollars in USD. After few days of trading I withdrew all money from exness due...
  16. bilalkhagga

    Problem Exness Account Stop Out

    Exness is not responding This is bilal khagga. We maintain a trading company called NTC. It's been six months since we link with the broker Exness with a deposit of over 60k$ and working in an adorable way besides over the last month. As the funds reach 90k$ and equity decrease gradually to...
  17. tradeexpress

    Problem Exness rejecting Withdrawal if you don't trade sufficient volume

    I'm an IB of Exness since many years but now going to stop working with them as the terms of Withdrawal changed. It's very unfortunate to release these kind of impractical rules. Now clients cannot withdraw fund with freedom like before. Please beware of this condition before depositing any...
  18. hatemfek

    Exness is Scam BE CAREFUL

    exness is scam becareful they only want to stole all you money..my acount no 24211925 and I trade gold on it and on 11th of August there was big moves on Gold and I was open 5 buy position on it and suddenly I lost the connection with the server I chec everything and try to contact them or try...
  19. AFJ3985

    Exness a bad experience

    I have used exness for trial basis with some minimum deposit, they made me struggled for a refund of only 40$ that I didnt get . Talked to their customer representatives several times to check if there is any genuine issue but didnt get any useful info . So left exness and started trading on IG...
  20. emprakashkumar

    Exness increase Spread too High With 2 Pair Mean EURUSD & GBPUSD and My Account Hit Stopout

    Dear Sir/Mam, I Have Raw Spread account With Exness Account No 44004082. Last Night Mean 15th of June 2020 I Was 13 Open Trade. EURUSD:- Tottal Open Order: 6 Open Order (5 Sell & 1 Buy Order) Lot Size: Sell Order Lot Size : 1.00+1.00+1.00+1.00+0.51 = 4.51 Buy...