1. F

    Probable false complaint against Exness

    AsstModerator Note: When Exness posted information showing that this complaint could be fake, offers were made to fireswan by Pharaoh and by the FPA to independently confirm the balance of the account in question. After a week, there has been no response to either of these offers. Unless...
  2. C

    Exness scam me with slippage 800 point for XAUUSD, anybody here have still believed exness?! I lost

    At 11:26 on 20th of November the market was moving. At that time order #27601076 hit stop loss level, but my set up Stoploss is 1268 for order buy @1270.713, and then, exness give me a price 1260.033 for lotsize 0.5, take me 400$. i contacted with exness and they give me some reason: At...
  3. S

    exness refusing to process withdraw

    Hello on dated 03/08/2012 i have funded my exness account with 500 usd via moneybookers..After funding my account then unexpectedly moneybookers have limited my account and closed my account without any notice....... In mean time on using 500 u.s.d i have traded and made few profits of 204.39...
  4. A

    This trader could be scam or fraud Zdenka Zonova

    ok so i met this lady at facebook called Zdenka zonova after chatting for sometime she gave me some information which i will put here if anyone know her please let us know your experience i am still not 100% sure if she is scammer or real trader but when i checked her latest records which...
  5. KebayaFX

    Sasa El Shawaf and EXNESS Brokers SCAM

    Ladies and Gentlemen, FX traders I would like to inform you of a scam that has been running for some time now by an individual called Sasa EL Shawaf aka Sasa Ghost. I discovered Sasa in Facebook. He would post daily screenshots of his days trades. He would purport to make 560-700 pips every...
  6. M

    RESOLVED - issue with exness

    dear sir , i open an account with exness over two month , i buy/ sale some on NGN2 ok when the price is close is 2.764 and the price became 3.764 one shot and the actual price when i check is around 2.7 ok every day they send to me the daily confirmation report and the daily confirmation...
  7. S

    Resolved - Exness Withdrawl

    Hi, I have been scammed a lot by Exness. 1) they have charged huge spread of about 30 to 40 pips on my account.. But the main factor is that i have done a withdrawl on 4/13/2012 till date i have not got my withdrawl. My bankk confirmed that there has been no credit or uncleared amount and also...
  8. FxMaster

    Exness is a scam company

    I can be a very patient person, but there is a limit to how patient I can be, especially when I’m losing money due to the never ending “TECHNICAL PROBLEMS”, even their support are avoiding me, and that’s unprofessional. There is nothing wrong with a normal broker having normal issues from time...
  9. G

    EXNESS tp not hit,then SO with 4.2 pips

    i have 2 big problem 1. i have sell EU at price 1.30017 and TP at 1.29957. after i check at mt4 chart the lowest price is 1.29940.it should be close TP. why the price/post not CLOSE?? 2.my 2nd problem is this account already MC becouse that above post ( sell EU at 1.30017 ).the post close at...
  10. A

    Exness issue - Resolved

  11. Z

    Exness Brokerage problem with commisyen refferal

    Commisyen partnership not receive when client close position by stop out. Partnership 14712. Clinet account: 54749 Order number : 2474803 This is communication with exness Muhamad Amirul Asraf Mansor | 20:07 sorry..54749 Evgenia Dakhno | 20:08 Your Clients order closed by Stop...
  12. Z

    Resolved - Exness Brokerage problem with deposit bonus.

    I have an account 52499 and 52707 with Exness Limited. After i make first deposit, the bonus not automatic added, I make complaint to company last 3 days, untill now the bonus still pending. Those who want to to trade forex with this brokerage, please be patient. I things, this company have...
  13. Z

    Exness Brokerage Scam My MONEY

    i just to report my account number 42786 with Exness brokerage (www.exness.com) SO when i make deposit. When i make deposit, 24.82 the company have deducted my bonus -85.31. so my account stop out after that insident. Below is detail transaction after i make deposit and the company deducted my...
  14. Z

    Exness Brokerage - ISSUE RESOLVED

    Exness once of scam company. Becareful. Below is my problem. I make deposit, but exness deducted the deposit bonus. I should receive the bonus when i make deposit but now exness deducted my bonus when i make deposit. Never mind, if i make withdrawal, company can deducted the bonus. Company...
  15. C


    Attached a picture of my termina with Exness I try many many times to close my open orders on scren,, It not sucess. In journal it says "Off quotes" I contact their live chat directly when i see graph go up and down a while before market close. I have on first row in terminal a order with...
  16. Oedipean

    Exness !

    Although I do not call it scam , rather I name it unfair . Before NFP I had put buystop at EUR/USD 1.3595, after news it opened at 1.3640. I know it may happen when there is a gap or when there is there is no quote till 1.3640. but indeed, the position could be opened at the end of first...
  17. Manav

    Exness Scam: Leverage & Unscheduled Maintenance

    A big scam going on in Exness in the name of Leverage and Unscheduled Maintenance. If you open a trade and if you want to manage your margin requirement they can block access to personal area all of a sudden without any prior notice. Then, all you can do is either to close the trade in loss or...
  18. kirsna

    EXNESS block my tradein a/c with out reason

    my a/c Blocked by the company no reason , calld supoort also thy told we will mail u but still not reply ..... i m making daily profit in that a/c ..... now days exness giveing problm my exbness a/c nbr- 836260
  19. Ehsan Elahi

    ABANDONED - Exness Scam

    Exness is now scam now my account number is 7011784 they cannot pay my withdraw i have my all proof how they fool me any body want proof pm me.Do Not work with Exness Anymore
  20. I


    Hi everyone, I need support for clearly my order.... On august/9th/2016 at 8.03am my acc was stop out at MYR13,019.16..i checked the forex calendar there was no big impact news (see the attchmnt)...my acc no is 10602507. i trade xauusd and my order buy is more then sell (see the attchmant).. i...