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Problem Exness did fraud to me please help me to recover my amount i sell gold and suddenly they open my gold with gap at 2070

I am having an issue with a company


Hi My account was 14000$ in exness and i sell gold On exsenss when gold drop they open market with gap at 2070 and blow my account and they delete history from broker but i have proof and i ahve their statemnt from official gmail please help me to recover my money


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I remember that night well. That gap happened the night the Fed announced their interest rate decision.

So, to address your issues. Firstly, yes, Exness do archive your MT4 orders, however, you can see your trade history and download a csv of your orders from within your personal area on their website.

Can you elborate on what fraud you suspect because Gold had a massive gap that night with all brokers. In fact, it would appear you scored about $1 500 in negative balance protection.