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  1. B

    Scammed by YouTuber Jayson Michaelson scams for investment program and trading robot sale claims. Beware.

    He asked for money for investment program saying he will trade and pay you returns. He is a scammer. Then he went on to collect 200 dollars from me for trading bot. He ended up sending me a shitty word file. Where I sensed a red flag is he claimeethe same file he sent will install on phone and...
  2. TrinitySaint

    New Forex Stuff Trading Robot - $ 500 to $ 1,300,921

    Best Forex Trading Robot - $ 500 to $ 1,300,921 per Year
  3. B

    New Forex Stuff Invitation to trading bot testing (beta release)

    Dear members, I would like to invite you to test my own custom-built trading bot written in Python. This is paid testing (I will pay you). NO prior experience or investments are required. I will invest my own money. WHY I NEED YOU? I'm algorithmic trader with my custom-built trading bot...
  4. I

    Info Worldmarkets AI - anybody has experiences with them?

    their website is and they offer an AI and claim to have certified trading results, they also sell bullion, in fact I researched this and they first started as a bullion trader and then got into AI. Interstingly their AI did well during the voatility in March 2020 provided the...
  5. M "make $2,265 per day, automated trading system" ???

    Anyone know about ? Any experiences? What do you think about this system? I saw this text on 18 Jan 2017 on "Thm Ricardo jakoi linkin. 24 min Learn how to make $2,265 per day without Ajob - watch this video! The only automated trading system that...