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  1. I

    Problem Umarkets doesnt process withdrawals anymore?

    Im waiting for almost 3 months for my 1400 USD withdrawal. The process of withdrawing is incredibly frustrating. I click "Submit" in my user area, a confirmation appears but I dont see it in my pending withdrawals, no email confirmation etc. They have a rule that first you account manager must...
  2. J

    UMARKETS.AI website and broker is 100% scam using illegal marketing

    Umarkets.ai is aggressively calling people in Europe to phone numbers they have collected on Facebook ads. Some weeks ago they had a Facebook campaign where you can download a free investment guide, you have to give your phone number. Then it starts. They promise even 50% weekly profits for...
  3. Covid 19 Trader

    Umarkets: Can not withdraw

    I'm starting to think that Umarkets is a SCAM. I needed money because of this Covid 19 outbreak and Umarkets doesn't want to make a withdrawal.
  4. S

    uMarkets.com - Scammers & Fraudsters

    ACCOUNT OPENING I opened an account with uMarkets after seeing an advert on investor.com for a demo-real account where profits made from a demo account could be transferred to a live account and available for withdrawal. After opening the account I was advised (by account manager Natalie Brown...