withdrawal issues

  1. Ppforextrader

    ABANDONED - Octafx's dirty tricks to keep your money.

    Account # : 46456602 Type : live MT5 On 13/06/2022 I created a request for withdrawal of 15$ , and thoroughly followed up on the request as I've had issues with the withdrawal process before. Initially they promised to process the request within 3 hours of creating it, so I followed up after 3...
  2. U

    Jumper Capital Ltd. - Withdrawal Issues

    I submitted a withdrawal application to Jumper Capital Ltd. for $625K when I initiated an investment transaction. Next day, I received an email stating that the audit couldn’t be complete because of the transaction and as such, I was requested to deposit 30% of my profit to verify my identity...
  3. G

    lh-crypto.com Withdrawal Issues

    My base currency BTC and i deposited BTC funds but unfortunately due to high commission i decided to withdraw all my deposited amount . As per backoffice there minimum BTC withdrawal limit 0.001 while i requested 0.022. I got email from company and they are saying for minimum withdrawal limit...
  4. Y


    Can't get my money from YTFX, just over 1100$. Sent email as suggested in FPA instructions to JonathanL@ytfx.com and 2 other emails I have from YTFX: LizaS@ytfx.com and russian@ytfx.com. Received a sever reply that the email can't be delivered to LizaS and russian. Did anyone receive money...
  5. P

    Trade-24.com unscrupulous thieves will not allow withdrawal and will ignore you.

    Hi guys, I have given this company a lot of chances, finally I am writing to the FPA after a while of fighting with them, but largely them promising to withdraw and then ignoring me for a long period of time. Basically what happened is I joined Trade-24 because of a recommendation from a...
  6. P

    Empire Options: SCAM Promise 63% Return, Steal your money, Pretend they will refund Loss so you Loss

    Dear great community at FPA , First and foremost Super grateful to have people to go to and the FPA for facilitating this. I was duped into using EMPIRE OPTIONS, and fell for their attractive 63% return promise or your money back policy. Which I cannot say is a policy at all because they...