1. S

    Youtube Live Expert Advisor Forex Trading EA, Expert Advisor Forex EA

    Hello All, I came to this Live streaming of Expert Advisor Forex EA or Expert Advisor Forex Trading EA. His Youtube Channel: EXPERT ADVISOR FOREX TRADING Current Live Video on Youtube: (This keeps changing everytime) His gmail...
  2. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs YOUTUBE VIDEO - Three Important Forex Trading Guidelines For Winning Trades

    This Youtube video will give forex traders explanations of why cash versus online trades are the same, why currency pairs move, and how to analyze individual currencies, instead of technical indicators, for a complete view. Resources and tools included. Here is the video: You can follow along...
  3. P

    EA scammer -

    I was scammed by this person after watching his livestream on Youtube , if you contact him to buy the EA, he will send you an non-functioning EA, and then wants to scam you even more by asking to pay another $165 for installation after paying $399 for the EA itself. This people are brutal...