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    Good day ALL I have just been to the zarfx/zarforex website. There is a notice stating that they will not be accepting any new clients. My question is , are they closing down ,and if so ,what happens to all the clients like myself , that they still owe money to. Is there possibly a legal...
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    I have been scammed by a company called ZAR Forex

    Hi I am from South Africa and have been scammed by a company called ZAR Forex and my account was being traded and managed by a trader by the name of Jean Merignac email address . I started my trading account very small at about 400 dollars and eventually made quadruple what i...
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    ZarFX scammers

    Hi I am creating this thread to report that Zar FX is a scam company. My user id with them is 2108901012. I deposited 1000 USD to them and now they zeroed all my profit and returned only the initial 1000
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    GUILTY Case# 2016-194 | MIKE WILSON vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Hi Jean I am still trying once again to make contact with you . I have major problems with the ZARFX Metatrader platform ,and cannot access my account at all. I need your assistance to sort it...
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    Hi all. I have 2 accounts with ZAR FOREX. I am trying to make contact with them ,but the listed number on their website just rings . I am quiet concerned about the whole situation. Does anyone have any other contact numbers for them ,I have already emailed them ,but no replies as of yet...