10trading is a total scam. there is a lady called Chelsea who manipulates the market and makes sure you lose then blames it on your laptop


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above 10trading.com was replied to me they already refund I would like to say I,m awaiting my amount of withdrawal request I, requested 0n 04/07/2018 $2129.92 ? you refund my balance was $299.00 but my question is what happen mu withdrawal request $2129.92 Tyler o,grady was call me 27/July 2018 he was said he will refund $1750.00 support team will contact me soon then I email you many times no responds then Tyler was call me 08/08 2018 he said that they already change their trading name the new name is marketrading.co their change trading, my balance is 0 because of that he can't refund he suggested me deposit $2175 to activate my account in your new trading that my refund will be automatically find , how your trading trichy your clients ? shameless he was threatened me that he said "if your not going to deposit to activate $2170 this is the way only you have how to get your fund if you not agree I cannot do anything my company was very strict tome they ask me why are you wasting your time to refund him if he not agree forgot it " how your account manger liying is this acceptable ? I,m strongly accuse your company is real scammers I, suggest all the clients do not invest with marketrading.co the new trading same system as 10trading stay away ..