Beta Release program from Technology Research Investments

Stephen Shelley

Beta Release

Technology Research Investments Pty Ltd (TRI) is a new company specialising in the development of sophisticated CBots for the experienced amateur and the professional forex trader.

Pip takes a novel approach to trading in sideways moving channels, steadily rising markets and steadily falling markets making a larger number of smaller profits.

The amount of equity growth and risk (equity drawdown) depends very much on the parameter settings.

The manual shows simulated test results over 1 year with Max equity drawdown of 1.98% and equity growth of 7.5% per annum. It also shows several test results over 1 month with Max Equity Drawdown between 9% and 25% and equity growth between 25% and 50% per calendar month.

Clearly it is most important that the manual is read and understood so that parameters can be set properly. Pip does not replace the trader - it is a tool giving the trader faster response times and 24 hr operation. Without proper direction from the trader, Pip cannot provide benefit. TRI does not recommend Pip as suitable for the inexperienced trader.

TRI is making both the manual and a Beta release of the software, free for a trial period, and is seeking constructive feedback from serious amateur and professional traders who are willing to trial the software on demonstration accounts.

The currently available program will expire at the end of February. TRI may extend the free trial period, may release an updated Beta version of the software or may release a commercial version of the software in March depending on feedback.

A Risk Disclaimer is included in the manual available with the software. By acquiring or using the software you agree to read the manual including the risk disclaimer and you agree to the terms of the Risk Disclaimer including that you accept all risk of any losses, which may be considerable.

The manual can be downloaded from
The Beta Release of the software can be downloaded from

TRI is willing to make changes to both the manual and the software in order to make the software and the manual more usable and attractive to the trading community.


This software is controlled and released by Technology Research Investments Pty Ltd and all rights are reserved. Without prior written permission from Technology Research Investments Pty Ltd it is illegal to copy, distribute, share, mirror or in any other way distribute this software or its transaction selection to anyone other than yourself. The Risk Disclaimer must always be supplied along with the software.

Stephen Shelley

Technology Research Investments Pty Ltd (TRI) is pleased to make available the Initial Commercial Release (ICR) of the software for $100/month.

The ICR can be obtained by sending an e-mail to TRI will reply by sending a copy of the software and an invoice.

TRI is still seeking feedback and remains committed to updating the software so that it is as useful and effective as possible.