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Really knows how to steal your money

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They stole my money in a disgraful way, pretending all the way to be honest brokers of truth.

Just some remarks about this scam:

They will not let you take out your money under any circumstances. They hide this fact by telling you that there is a Golden Rule calleD:


First they tell you that you can take your money out any time if you "forgoe" the bonus, but then whan you deposited your money with them this will never happen.

They offer an iPad upun deposit as extra bonus that they will never deliever.
They say that the auto trader account will mirror live signals from specialized traders: another lie, they use instead "THE ALGORITHM"

WHAT IS THIS "ALGORITHM"? IS a scam system that lets the company Binary options Exposed not trade at all while simulating actual world market trading by posting an order at the same time that they post the results that order will achieve therefore gaming and fixing every trade result at will.

There is proof of that in the blog.

They claim to be regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission while in fact they are not regulated by them or by any regulatory entity in the planet for that matter.

Regarding your email below, kindly note the following:

‘Bank Options’ Bank-Options is not licensed or supervised by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, to act as an investment firm.

· All approved CIFs can be found through the link Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

· All information that is publicly available for all the investors can be found through our website

Yours sincerely, Koula Lazarou (Mrs) Assistant Secretarial Officer Investment Firms Department Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

32 Stasikratous Street, 4th Floor, P.O.Box 24996, 1306 Nicosia, CYPRUS Tel.: +357 22 506 600, Fax: +357 22 754 671


The moment you invest in their auto trading scam they will operate the algorithm to show temporary gains so that they can latter claim that losses also occurr.

So you will never be able to get your money out because of the 30 or 60 times your money flow "requirement" and they will also explode your accont taking it from $20,000 to $3,500 in just 10 trading days withot adjusting or letting you adjust the trade size claiming that losses exist while you will also be unable to stop the trading or withdraw any money or to comunicate with any regulatory agency.

These people are no different than Stanford and Maddoff.

They should be in jail for stealing from the unsuspecting victim that they will treat as costumer at first before they steal every last red cent from them.

Please visit the blog Binary Options Exposed Fraud for more information but above all do not throw your money to the hyenas at Binary options Exposed, these are robers pretending to be traders.
Send Cysec screenshots of where this outfit claims to be Cysec regulated. That may be enough to get them an official Cysec warning.
Besides not being able to take your money out, BINARY OPTIONS are a scam! If it sounds, looks, and feels to good to be true, guess what: IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

If it sounds like you can make money without money management, without knowledge of the market, just by following some "Guru's" advice, guess what: ITS A SCAM!

Did I listen to all the expert warnings? NO! Why? Because I am a child at heart, and I believe you have to feel the pain for yourself and not listen to all advice out there on the internet! I discovered, I might be a masochist that likes monetary punishment, an Idiot that enjoys getting his money stolen.

The last statement must be true, because I actually threw money at a Binary Option Gamble Site, in spite of all the warnings. Why? Because, I did not want to believe it was really that bad as everybody was saying. But guess what: It is a lot worse!

If you want to know more about Binary Options and why they are a scam and cannot work, because it is pure and simple a gamble with worse odds than going to the casino, go to my other post:
j'ai perdu 20 mill avec trader xp et 22 mill avec l binary il s ont fait dspataitre mon comte et deux semaine plus tard mon comte revien avec 15.000 en moin donc selement 0.05 restant ils m.'ont dit quil voulais maider mais ils ont perdu mon argent ???? voice quelque temoignage ge j'ai eu car par erreur un de leur trader ma envoyer 1 e mail avec 150 address de client a lui donc je suis en contact avec eux mais j'ai eu de menasse la part de trader kins qui detient toujours 5.000.00 et refuse de me le rendre

I lost 20 k whit trader xp and 22k whit l binary option specially whit the last one they just close my account when I had 15k and no bonus and theu tool me that they try to help me get more but they lost my money so make this massage go around and if someone can help me ill be please to leasen user name is morin751

I'm sorry but you currently do not have an account with us (that's what you'll will get when you want to withdraw)
here some testimony
take the time to read this before it s to late
allt hese trades Cie are 'bull****"
I also have bad experiences with them,and I could fill up the list of bad "scammers" traders

- Yes I had same experience how did you get this email though. Please let me know.
Thank you -ninos binno []

-Thank you. I lost R30k! These guys are swindlers! The idea of trading and making money online is alluring, but when u want to withdraw money they don't help. I deposited R5000 initially and traded it up to R30000. When I wanted to withdraw they said its tradersking money bcz they gave me 50% bonus. So I have to put in more money to get it out. I was asinine, and I put in more money. One day I traded and lost my money and they was no support or help. They are very good bcz they tape record the phone conversations and then always ask for permission to withdraw money. So there is no transgression on their side since we grant them permission to withdraw
Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom - let your email find you!

- you are referring to Tradersking?
If so , thanks, I think the over seas issue makes it harder to transact.
Still if they do not make the effort, it is still fraudulent.
Thank you,
- are you on their 50K program? they may not release those funds so you can maintain a certain level.
Let me know if you spoke to anyone about this issue at TK.
I had a feeling, so I am not going to deposit more in Traders King.
I only did a bit to test it out.
LISA Lisa Quam []

- How an the world did you get all those emails I'm going to assume that those are customer emails of traders K I suspected as much about this company

- Who are you warning us about. What person or Company? I have been conned by somebody from TradersKing, but I don’t know if the TradersKing company is Fraudulent, something I am still trying to establish, or if it is only the person I had dealings with because when I send emails to Him they are being returned now as not delivered. I see one of the names that you sent your warning to is from Tradersking. So you are warning him as well.

Is your warning just in general or a specific person or Company. I would like to know who you have the trouble with so that I can be on my guard about that particular place or person.

Thank you for your warning

Best regards

Douglas Banfield

came across this article just in time. past 2 weeks, spoke to sandra from BO and their broker banc deoptions
and considered investing $10K after all the hype made and skype signals that always seemed 3-0 when i
copied, i didnt get 3-0. could not find anything on service or broker, no reviews, could only login
demo to see balance, nothing else. quoted me $25,000 in 30 days if i dep $10,000 minus their 20%, id clear
$10,000. dont ever think articles posted here makes no difference. it saved me