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Discuss CompleteCurrencyTrader.com (James Edward)

General discussions of a financial company
Almost 2 years no nothing here? Riding a dead horse here? Some questions, wasted time? Anybody out there?
Dear James!

I attended your webinar where you promoted your advanced education and where I can get your advanced Currency Strength Panel.

My question to you is:

Are you crazy ?
Are you mad?
Are drunk on monday morning?
Are you stoned or under drugs?

14.000 USD for your bloody videos and your little programs like Advanced Currency Strength Panel ???

My last question: are you sick ?

But I think you are a BIG liar: Even your CCT Stoploss Manager does not worl properly. 40% of the trades I have to add a stopploss manually. Than your CCT stoploss manager reacts.

When your Stoploss Manager does not work properly, I am VERY SURE, that your other programs do not work properly. PLEASE FOLKS, BETTER STAY AWAY !!!

You do not accept PayPal? I guess why: with PayPal the people can complain and get their money back.
Because of this, I think you are a scammer. Get 14.000 USD for a course which does not get profit. And then customers do NOT GET ANY MONEY BACK.

People stay away: James makes a hunter's strategy: Feed the animals (You) with a little food and until they animals trust the hunter (James).
Then the hunter shoots them.

I have seen that strategy many, many times. Give them a little bit they believe, because it sounds logical. And then ask them to pay !!!

James tells a lot of BS in his videos which sound clear and logical.

1. Keep your winners and close your loosers.
A bloody lie: How should I get a single winner trade?
I have many looser ? They do not covered by my winning trades.

2. Flip a coin and set your trade.
LOL. When it will be THAT EASY. The whole world will be millionaires.

3. James posts his trades in the member's area. But he does not say how much profit he made. But to access the member's area you have to pay first. Nobody can check this until he shot you (until you paid). Pure nonsens.

Hey, you liar, when you make REALLY so much profit as you tell, why do you not show us a verified account on MyFxBooks ??? You can hide there as much as you want.

I would accept even an account on FX Blue. But liars do not do this.

4. I am sorry there was a lot more BS in that "live"-video I can not remember. I will watch this again and record it and post it here.

I learned since I started Forex: the better the advertisment is the more it is SCAM. And this advertisment is fantastic. It gets everyone you listen. But do not open your pockets. Only James Edwards will get profit.

So, folks, I am pretty sure this is pure scam.
Stay away. It is just a waste of time AND money. A lot money.

Yours Oksenboel
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I agree with what Oksenboel has written, although I do so more politely. I did sign up for the full course. It does not work as explained. You cannot trade FX while ignoring basic concepts such as support and resistance, but James makes no mention at all of this. The result is that many trades are entered just as price approaches a major level where price reverses. None of James' demonstration trades are taken in real time, we see only those that have been cherry-picked with the benefit of hindsight. We never see the tell-tale arrow-in-a-circle on the chart signifying that there was an actual entry. The so -called Live Training Room is most uninspiring, never getting beyond absolute basics presented by an American (James is British) who does the opposite of inspiring confidence. Having received the significant fee for his course, James then tells us that we could (should) consider paying him an even greater sum for further training, since only 0.5% of all FX traders will succeed. After that there's yet another course, needed in order to become one of the successful 0.5%.
Metatrader does not provide tools which allow this method of trade entry, with adjusted position size on every at-market entry order, to be replicated on other additional accounts. There is no way to trade other peoples' accounts which he suggests is the main way to leverage and achieve the millions as he describes.
This is not what it sets out to be: it is not a complete or effective stand-alone trading course.
Following up on March 16, I'd like to show you a recently received email circulated by James Edwards to his paid clients. He is asking us to tell him what we don't know! How would I know what I don't know? James supposedly is the teacher, the guru, he is the one who is meant to know. This expensive course was supposed to turn us all into successful, profitable traders. Looks like he has had a few failures. Personally I believe the method, although interesting, does not stand alone. For example, it can (& does) easily lead you to enter into an exhaustion move, on high momentum, which hits a brick wall and promptly reverses. Yet he says technical analysis is a waste of time and should be ignored. Would you pay $14,000 if you saw this email first?

"Hi ...........,
I would love to get your feedback on what you would like to see Complete Currency Trader improve, change, or add, in order to help you succeed as a profitable trader more quickly.

We realize that learning to trade is not as simple as merely copying someone else. You're different from me, with your own unique skills, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and the best thing I could do to help you is tailor my training to suit you better.

To get better at what we do, we're making changes to CCT this year, and I'll be able to deliver the best results if I can get direct feedback and suggestions from you. So would you please complete a short anonymous survey?

When you click on the link below, you'll be directed to a quick online questionnaire. Your responses will allow us to tailor our training and lessons to your needs so that we can help you become a profitable trader via a more effective route.

Kind regards,
James Edward
Founder of Complete Currency Trader"

Thanks for this. I got a call from one of James' marketing people yesterday and again today trying to sell me on this personal FOREX coaching program. It's expensive and I didn't hear what I thought they should have been saying so I did a little research. You both appear to be right and this looks like a cash generating scam for James. Thank you both for your candid remarks, you saved me a considerable amount of money and heartache.
Here's another scarey thing about CCT: on the last page of its e-book "How to Time the Market" is a disclaimer saying that "MTI [emphasis mine] will not accept liability for any loss or damage." If MTI is Market Traders Institute (and if CCT is part of it), WATCH OUT. (Refer to various Traders Court cases in FPA if you want a little background on MTI). LET THE BUYER BEWARE!--feaisland55
former students to CCT-- could you someone confirm at they are making a profit using CCT paid course?
are you heading to a Million in 2 years time?