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Currency or Precious Metal

Discussion in 'Forex Articles' started by ::EX::, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. ::EX::

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    Mar 6, 2010
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    One should understand that Trading is an Art one can refine skills and develop new techniques according to thier personal life style and inner being.

    Last year I started trading I mean in between blowing accounts and investing in education I found out what it required from me to understand and help develop various check, balances, tools and techniques to find consistency and reduce my susceptibility of making errors and working only on probability and a unique moment.

    Everyday when I opened the trading platform on my main computer I needed to see something which will help me determine the direction of the current day.

    For some people it is Dj and for some it is Oil and some listen to other analysts and loggers' and some get information through signals. Don't take me wrong I do all that and every day.

    But what I found out was GOLD. GOLD price action was the first thing that attracted me to find the daily sentiment of the broader market.

    Everyday I look at the gold chart before looking at any other indicator and news bcz it helps me determine my direction for the day from a broader market perspective.

    Last year I bought gold at 888.20 and sold at 1191.

    This year 1043 major support and buys 1087 and 1100 with targets above 1207 and 1327.

    Meaning I am Gold bull. Bulls in action :nerd::).


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