Do you believe in Forex?


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When we do trading with a confidence it is believable hat it shows results. Traders with skill , experience and passion will really earn money from forex trading. It is not a fake market one needs to do work here by using genuine ways. They have to learn forex before expecting earning. Forex is not easy business foe everyone , only passionate people can survive here who believe and understand its nature.


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You have to believe in trading if you really want to make money from trading new traders who are looking to make a change in their career are trading full time and taking it as a full time job however, some new traders who are working full time jobs which can limit their time and effort for trading as your success depends on you as much you will learn and experience that much you can earn


Forex (Foreign Exchange) is an international financial market in which currencies are exchanged. It was founded in 1976, when all countries of the world abandoned the gold standard and switched to the Jamaican system, in which exchange rates are set not by government, but by the demand and supply. So it's exist and it's the fact. All central banks, including fed or Bundesbank trade it when they want to buy foreign currency. And a lot of huge banks trade it to buy or sell currency. And that's made forex quite risky for small traders, as market is volatile and determined by governments and banks actions.


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I think this must be learned like anything else. If you open a LLC and start some business, is it sure you will succeed?


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I've created the same thread but yesterday!
Well, Forex is a great thing... for a short term. If you are playing a long game - you probably play more safe. The problem with people is that they want it all and now, and they don't want to wait, hence the risks are high and they are losing all their money.
Don't play fast - play smart!


Forex is one of the key directions on the market today. And I am sure that it is the one that opens great prospects for traders. I don't know what other branches of the financial market can become so popular and profitable. To date, 95% of traders from my environment work only on Forex because here you can diversify the risks and always stay in the profit, even if you have some difficult period. Another thing is that forex requires a lot of knowledge. And here everything depends only on you. If you develop and invest in yourself, you will see a positive result. Everything is simple.


I agree with Stanis, but I also dont blame people who dream about swift success on forex. If you look at brokers marketing campaigns it looks like forex is a wonderland
yes, i believe you can make some good income from it, but it's not just a matter of luck. i think that's what sets it apart from normal betting; you cant MAKE UP movements on the markets. they happen, as a result of world events.

however when people try sell the dream of making it big and being financially 'free', forex trading does happen like that for everyone, just very few people. and chances are their involvement int he forex trading industry stretches further than their own trading... usually they have a pyramid scheme offering services (subscriptions) to others. . so don't be confused.


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Forex is big business in the world, I believe to forex because already proven make money through this field, although this is risky business, and profit loss always occurred during trades, overall I like this business and believe with forex