stop loss

  1. iCorn

    What is stop loss hunting ??

    Hello , can someone explain to me what is stop loss hunting in simplest form of explaination ? Is it a good things or bad ? I got signal from my broker in which most of my position with only (T/P) will have the situation like in the picture attached . And each position profited like about 200...
  2. A

    what is the reason? stop loss question

    lets take a hypothetical scenario, john is a trader manage 500k capital account, he kept his secret about his entry/stoploss/TP level because he doesnt want his trade position to be a magnet to other trader or bigger hedge fund? so by keeping his entry/SL/TP level secret, the chances of market...
  3. J

    Resolved: Disappearance of the stop loss line

    Hello it happened to someone that ,after days with an open position the stop loss line disappeared from the graph in every time frame and you have to modify the order manually instead to drag it without being able to calculate the possible loss? can a broker make it invisible?
  4. Jarratt Davis

    Do Forex Brokers Hunt Your Stop Loss? (Part 2 of 2)

    Short Review of "Do Forex Brokers Hunt Your Stop Loss?" Before we begin, it’s important to note that I have simplified a lot of the concepts for the purposes of this illustration; so things are not quite as simple and straight forward as I suggest in this post. Bear in mind that I am only trying...
  5. Jarratt Davis

    Do Forex Brokers Hunt Your Stop Loss? (Part 1)

    My opinion on stop loss hunting: Over the years, there has been much debate as to whether retail Forex brokers ‘hunt’ their clients’ Stop Loss Orders. There has also been a lot of confusion on where I stand on the issue. For some reason, many traders think that I refuse to acknowledge it and for...
  6. Jarratt Davis

    How big should your stop loss be? Reducing risks in FX trading

    How big should your stop loss be? A lot of retail trader’s email into our team asking about how they should approach their stop loss and risk. The most common question is ‘How big should my stop loss be’. So I thought I’d write this very short post to cover this topic. The short answer is...
  7. zebrafx

    Where to set a stop-loss?

    Setting a stop-loss (SL) is a crucial aspect of trading. Especially in the forex market, where wild swings in prices are an every day occurence, traders not using stop-losses potentially place their entire accounts at risk. Furthermore, the aspect of trading in which stop-losses fall under...
  8. J

    Stop Losses- how do you use them - and why do prices Spike ?

    Hi Guys, OK I am hoping that the title will get some discussion going. I have a live account, and also a Demo account. I have compared the two in terms of information stream and the differences are small, due to being with different brokers. The Demo account is definitely not 'fixed' to...
  9. S

    Is Stop-Loss Triggered Before 15-50 pips normal?

    First... I am a really beginner... Second, is it normal for a stop-loss triggered 15-50 pips before your stop-loss price that you had set it? *On attachment, I set my stop loss at 1.31573 and triggered at 1.31558... I should make a profit again here but... it stops 15 pips earlier...