what is the reason? stop loss question


Master Sergeant
lets take a hypothetical scenario, john is a trader manage 500k capital account, he kept his secret about his entry/stoploss/TP level because he doesnt want his trade position to be a magnet to other trader or bigger hedge fund? so by keeping his entry/SL/TP level secret, the chances of market turning his favor would be higher?

on contrary side, my understanding is big institutional can move the market. what is the purpose of big institutional trading the market? do they have same goal as retail trader? make money from the market or their purpose is fixing price to a "justifiable" level to reflect the current economy status? or is there something else?

by moving market, i assumed big institutional when trade, the rest of the bigger firm let each other know and they all follow the same direction, thats why market price move? if this is true, did you see john's approach to market is completely opposite to big firm? and the next question leads to all those signal provider and charging a fee for it, why it would make sense charging ppl receiving trade signal if you want the market goes to your favor, u suppose to let more people know, charging fee only let small group of paid cust know, which is the opposite?

feel free to correct me if my understanding above is not accurate
The market participant comes from various background, I think there are so many hedge funds or speculator trader in the world, like as in the economic law, the price will up if so many demands on currency, conversely prices will down if too many supply or seller the currency
These are old stories about consortia of banks and the like. It is unlikely there are forces that alone move the price. It is always a confrontation of forces.
large organisation buy and sell positions will be price related and will be at a size of investment we can only dream. they will not take part in the market until it reaches there number. so if we see the market dropping and think it will rise the signal provide would put out a buy (small fry) then jonh will have his enrty middle man but the big guns could would still drive price if this is the case john hits sl and so do singnals then big guns will turn to the up side thats why its important to look at the bigger picture
As I understand it the job of any trader be it retail or institutional is simply to make money. The actual numbers themselves are arbitrary and simply a means to an end
Big institutions can move the market, to not only make money directly from the market, but to also make money from their business in day to day life.

as an example lets say the company Nike, have a big salary bill to pay in their stores in australia, it would benefit them to lower the AUD so it costs them less to convert from the dollar, and so on and so on. then you think of how many funds and institutions and banks trying to move it for their benefit, this is what makes up the markets we see today