Forex Signal (Fri, Nov 13, 02:00 am EST) German GDP q/q

Felix Homogratus

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Hi there :)

This is Felix with a very nice potentially profitable trading opportunity...

Friday, November 13th (02:00 am New York Time) Germany

We have German GDP q/q coming out. It is expected to read 0.8. Last quarter it read 0.3.

Please read what this indicator means and how it affects the EUR/USD by going to this link:

The trigger for this indicator is 0.3. This means that if GDP comes out at 1.1 or higher, EUR/USD will probably go up by 30 pips or more in the first 30 minutes of the report. If it comes out at 0.5 or less, EUR/USD will probably go down by 30 pips or more in the first 30 minutes of the report.

Obviously, the bigger the difference between expected and actual numbers, the bigger will be the move.

To read my after-spike retracement strategy for this report click here:

For example: on February 13th, German GDP came out at -2.1, versus an expectation of -1.8. As a result, EUR/USD went down by around 40 pips. See for yourself what happened on this chart: Forex news trading currency exchange charts

I highly recommend you study the entire history and charts of this report by following this link: Forex News Trading | Details and History for GER GDP q/q

As always, wait for my email this Friday, where I will review all successful trades of the week.

I hope you make some money on this report.
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i think that the GDP would be worse than expected, look at EUR/JPY chart, it's forming triangle with high probability to break out downside and on
EUR/USD 1,50 area was to strong. Trend is going to turn arround downside like i said yesterday ...
Reliable News Feed

Theres a lot to expect from German's GDP outcome due to the recent economic activities in the Euro Zone at the moment.

But i'd wish we could get a reliable news feed that would enable better and quick decisions from the outcome else the essence of this forum would be in vain.

It would be nice If anyone especially our Noble Commander in Chief could suggest from experience a relaible news feed provider that would enable us achieve the best results from the fundamentals of this unique strategy.

Best Regards, ALL


catched 100 pips... tp at 1.4850 ... probably now it would bounce up again... im out of market for now :)


So far the 2009 forecasts for Ger GDP have been spot on; even fairing for the better or worse when forecasts in said manner.

I'll admit the current prediction of .8 seems a bit high. My personal opinion is that if it does in fact break the .5 mark it could show signs of Germany recovering from its recession and a 30+ pip run would just be the tip of what you could expect.