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Forex Signal (Wed July 27 2011, 5:00pm NY Time EDT) - NZ Interest Rate

Discussion in 'Current Forex Trading Signals' started by Henry Liu, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Henry Liu

    Henry Liu Former FPA Special Consultant

    Jul 5, 2010
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    RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand) will be releasing its interest rate decision today and it is widely expected that Gov. Bollard will announce that No rate change today...

    5:00pm (NY Time) RBNZ Rate Decision Forecast 2.50% Previous 2.50%

    The Trade Plan
    Current forecast from economists surveyed by Bloomberg agree that RBNZ is likely to leave the official rate at 2.5% during this meeting; however, in the unlikely event that Gov. Bollard surprises the market and hike rates to 2.75% or higher, we should see an immediate strong demand in the NZD which is a great opportunity to spike trade BUY NZD/USD.

    For more information on my trading methods, please read:
    Henry Liu's Trading Method

    The Market
    Recent rise in NZD versus other major currencies, especially against USD and EUR, has provided rooms for RBNZ to keep rates unchanged for the time being. However, with NZD's relative high demand from recent risk appetite sentiment, speculation that RBNZ will raise interest rate has also risen... The key for today's news release will be the accompanied statement by Gov. Bollard, which may shed some light on RBNZ's future monetary policy.

    Additional Thoughts
    At 5:00pm market is usually low in liquidity, therefore unless we get a surprise, it’s probably best to stay out…

    Pre-News Considerations
    There is no pre-news trading for this release, but pending on the accompanied statement, we could see some weakness in the NZD.

    Historical Chart and Data for NZ Interest Rate


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  2. Monday Aigbosoria

    Jul 26, 2011
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    thank you

    Hi Herry,
    Thank you for your signal. Pls i want to know more on how to interpret signal. Like NZDUSD BUY 2.75%. The question is how do i know when is 2.7 or should i buy at that 5.00 NY time underming the 2.7?pls teach me.

    Kind regard
  3. toysoldier

    toysoldier Recruit

    Jul 15, 2011
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    Well you can watch Bloomberg TV online, at least for USD I know that they tell, but I suppose that under "Forex news trading calender" news are updated as fast as they show, but they lag a little bit. I try to outsource and watch Bloomberg, that I is my way. Maybe some one has different approach, I would be glad if you share.

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