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Interesting things happen

I was thinking that
is an honest and INDEPENDENT site!
I was mistaken and this is very sad!

I had an unfavorable comment posted in the REVIEW section
and had to find out that this was removed.
Thus how is it possible to have a HONEST judging system if the good news stay and the not so good opinion are erased.
I had posted an other mail, which was removed as well, better it never has been posted in the first place.

It is a shame that FOREX PEACE ARMY is getting involved in what one can post and what can't because this takes out the HONEST opinion off real people.

best of trading


Fascinating Video

This is an fascinating video, it looks like gambling with no strategy behind at all.

Created with Camtasia Studio 5

why are you showing such nonsense, because this what it is, you have no
explanation for your trades, looks like you just click
and show the winners and a looser in between
because you look more legit if you do.

You still with the great trader & teacher DEMOND?

At least he is good in developing webpages...........
get people to buy your product which still lacks
fundamental explanation for noobs

I sure it works for you, but I have to say you should be ashamed to teach beginners a scalping strategy
that has 2 - 3 times bigger SL as TP target
because this is IRRESPONSIBLE and both you and Demond should be ashamed about it.
I guess Demond makes more money selling the strategy as with trading, at least he never has been able to demonstrate otherwise, his trading was a JOKE to say at least.


Forex Trading Made E-Z

I can tell you this about his system: The P1,P2, P3 method works. Most people who go live with his system do not paper trade enough to be prepared to make money. Nothing beats Experience: practice, practice practice... then go live. The Oscar teaches you when there is a clear runway avaliable to place a trade based on odds of probability of success. Read the book then reread the book 5 more times, watch the videos, it's all there....

madelaine toth

skeptical you're right to be!

I've read the reviews provided on FPA but I'm curious if there is anyone that's still trading his system live and with success. While most reviews mentioned they are successfull using his system, his daily goal of 5% makes me very sceptical.

i bought into this review and its just another scam the guy doesnt explain the system neither in the book or the videos. its all bull!! sent him an email a week ago no answer yet.
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Five stars from me...

Hello everyone

I wanted to share my take on George Smiths 'Forex Trading Made EZ".

Here's the good stuff:
It's an absolute bargain. I get the sense that George is not out to make money from trading, but to spread the word. No-one will get rich charging $77, but thats not the point.
The support is great. I'm in the UK, George is in Seattle, and usually I get a reply to my email within 24 hours which is perfectly reasonable in my opinion.
His system actually TEACHES you how to trade. It's not a signals system. You learn techniques that you can keep forever. It's not a robot system, or 'by with green arrow, sell with red' - you have to make the decisions. That's what I was looking for.
Only one upsell - that's for his template for Metatrader 4. If you go for the system I suggest you buy it. It's only $45 or so, and saves loads of time working out the AVG, Point and Figure, P123 and Oscar calculations. Whereas before I would need to spend an hour or so working out the figures, now the computer has it done in a few seconds and I'm ready to go. It also allows me to trade from anywhere without reams of paperwork.
It works. It really does. There are loads of set ups every day in EU, especially if you are awake in my time zone.
The stuff that might be negative for some people:
You need to apply time to get your head around the concepts, especially if you are a novice like I was two years ago when I first looked at it. In my opinion anything worth doing takes effort.
George used to be a pilot, and now a trader. As a result he is not a natural teacher. This means the document (which is 80+ pages) need reading and re-reading for it to sink in - it did in my case anyway and I don't consider myself to be particularly stupid! In my opinion it would benefit from being given to a professional copywriter to enhance the clarity. Stick with it however, and you will get there.
It's not for lazy people. If you want a robot look elsewhere.
It's not a get rich quick scheme (for you or George when you look at the price!) I am now making around 10-15% per week which I am happy with, but it took time, patience and persistence to get there.
You should definitely get the MT4 template - but it's dirt cheap. I've had indicators made myself in the past and is certainly great value.
So, George's system is not for everyone, but it is for you if you want to learn to be a trader, and not just a trained monkey.

PM me if you have any other questions. But five stars from me.


Thanks for the review. I have not had consistent results no matter how hard I try. I will re-read the manual on your advice.

Have you heard from George lately? I am getting concerned as I have not received a video in 2 weeks and the daily page has not been updated in several weeks.

Any info would be appreciated.


As a student of George, knowing that he's a sincere guy, it irritates me to see reactions like Meaversand is posting.

I know that George has had some problems with his e-mail, and sometimes it have been a bit tough to communicate.
But he's also been sending out an e-mail after the problems have been solved, to ask his members to resend e-mails so he was sure that he received them.

Of course, everybody has the right to speak freely,
But reading "meaversand's" his/her posts i decided to search for his/her nick name in Google.
And frankly, he/she seems to have a bashing system that goes as follows:
1. sign up somewhere
2. complain about everything
3. never come back because the program/system/strategy sucks.

So after i've seen several profile pages of you,
I must say that i cannot really believe a word you're saying out here.
You should just try to actually learn something and stick to it!
And i know those pages where your's because all the posts you've made have the same writing style.

So, like i just said,
Instead of bashing other people because of your incompetence,
Try to learn something, and maybe you will become successful.
Good luck.

Have you made any progress by now?
Is it working out already for you?
Might be a bit late, but believe me, George is just doing fine ;-)

Good luck to all.


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Just in case it doesn't make the review section

:cool:I'm honestly trying to understand the negative comments about George's system, I have to fully disagree. I am not a spokes person for him or affiliated in any way. I'm actually an active poster in the Community section here on FPA.

Seriously, this is not a fly by night system, you have to actually think for yourself. You MUST sit down, and actually do some work on your own. If anything, Mr. Smith's system is out to save the future Forex community from the BS that plagues the world today. Consider it this way, this method of trading is going to separate the "go getters" from the "just quitters". I'm sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of people emailing him, so of course it's going to be hard to respond on time. Join a board and link up with someone else that's trying to learn the same thing. You two might be able to help each other through it rather than just giving up individually.

I had given up on Forex completely before I had stumbled across his system. The idea of making any sort of future with Forex seemed like a fantasy, but now I can actually say I'm learning a way to take the guess work out of trading. Entering this market, you want to have some type of system to rely on, and trading with just your fingers crossed has never worked out for anyone. I've started with the system, and yes at first I was a little lost, but after writing things out by hand, breaking down every bit of information I could, things started to make sense.

People that want the reward without the work will always have something to complain about. You have to sit down and read, and if you don't understand something, cross reference other material so you can gain a better understanding.

If you truly want this system to work for you like it does for him, you have to put the time in. It's that simple.


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It works

I have bought this system but then stopped learning about it for a while because I didnt like the time it took to calculate everything But then I bought Georges software that does the calculations. And started training again with it. All I can say this is the best system I have ever seen with the most potential to make money. I am trading mostly demo still because I am a student with this system. And I trade real in small amounts. It makes money and it works. I am in South Africa and a normal user and have no other ties with George. All the negative comments are based on the lack of knowledge of the system. One common one is that Georges Take profit is smaller than hes stop loss. The reason is very simple. The first thing any trader need to do is to limit their loss. So the stop loss would be a % and in this case mostly 2% You can make it 1% too or whatever. And your SL in pips 10. So now you know exactly what your pip value is. If you have $100 and you dont want to lose more than 1% and your stop loss is 10 pips then 10 pips is 1 % and 1 % is $1. So each pip is 10 cents and thats what you trade with. Now you want to make 6 or 7 pips and thats where your TP will sit. The great thing about the system is that you will make profit more times if you learn it all the way. If you lose once you will need two profit trades and your positive again. I have done it many times. George says you need only 5 % a day and stop. Some days I get so carried away that when I check again I have done 7 and more %. Its like riding up and down a skateboard ramp. You just keep going when you pick up the waves. If you want something that works, just get it and get your nose into the books and notes and learn it. You wont regret it.
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Meaversand, you have no clue of what this system is about. Its irresponsible to trade without stoploss. The first thing George teach you is to have a stop loss. And then to make small amounts at a time. And more times than your SL and I can send you a copy of my account statement showing every trade for this month to show you what I mean. The First day of the month was maybe cheating to make things look better :) . George said some traders like to trade the daily charts and I set up a trade for that and actually forgot about it and the TP was a bit wider. I had the correct stop loss in place but some time later when I came back it ran out of control and 100% to what I thought it should do. Ok a rediculous 18% profit. Then I had two " large losses of around 5% max " and many more wins. Start on $1813 on 2 July. End today 11 July on $2963. - 63% profit. 8 days. 6.3% per day. Ok thats more than George teach but ok some days I got a bit carried away and didnt want to come out of the waves and before I knew it I was over the 5% daily limit. The market varies and you need to first have confidence and then step in. Not greedy but confident. This whole thing is like the ocean. Many waves and a lot of fish. You need a good boat with a good engine. And all the correct lessons including first aid and fishing itself. But treat is with disrespect and you will die.
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